mumbai to nagpur Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from mumbai to nagpur 8 Trains
Distance from mumbai to nagpur By Train: 821 Km
Fastest Train from mumbai to nagpur : CSMT DURONTO SPL(02190)
Slowest Train from mumbai to nagpur : NGP CSMT SF SPL(02170)

Mumbai Cst to Nagpur Train Tickets

20 trains transit between Mumbai and Nagpur, linking the capital of Maharashtra to Nagpur. The trains encompass through the states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and more. Temperature in Nagpur can drop from 20°C during the day to 11°C at night. Nagpur is famous for oranges and is also called the 'Orange City'.

Covering a distance of 1139 kms in 23 hours and 40 mins, Nandigram EXP is the slowest among all the trains that run along this route. Of all the trains between Mumbai and Nagpur, Howrah Duronto is the fastest train covering a distance of 837 kms in 10 hours and 50 mins.

Considering the travel time, boarding Sevagram EXP would be convenient as it reaches Nagpur at 06:10. You can grab your meal at Bhusawal Jn as Gitanjali EXP and Sevagram EXP halt there for 15 mins and 10 mins respectively. You can opt for the earliest train, LTT Vskp SUP EXP that leaves Lokmanyatilak T at 00:15 or catch the last train, LTT Shalimar EX departing Lokmanyatilak T at 22:00.

Out of all the trains, Nagpur Duronto is the only train that runs between Mumbai and Nagpur without any halts. It is found that most trains pass through the major stations Kalyan Jn, Akola Jn and Bhusaval Jn.Gitanjali EXP, Cstm Howrah EXP, Sevagram EXP, Nandigram EXP, Vidarbha Express and more operate directly between Mumbai Cst and Nagpur.

When in Nagpur, your itinerary should definitely include visiting Futala Lake.

About the Mumbai CST (CSTM) to Nagpur (NGP) rail route

The train route from Mumbai CST (CSTM) to Nagpur (NGP) is a scenic one and offers excellent railfanning opportunities. The train passes across the state of Maharashtra and gives some wonderful views along the route. Few stations on this route are Kalyan Junction (KYN), Nasik Road (NK), Bhusaval Junction (BSL), and Akola Junction (AK).

Popular Trains on Mumbai CST (CSTM) to Nagpur (NGP) Route

Nagpur Duronto and Sevagram Express are two popular trains on the Mumbai CST (CSTM) - Nagpur (NGP) route. The Nagpur Duronto train (12289) leaves Mumbai CST (CSTM) at 10:15 PM and reaches Nagpur at 7:20 AM. It passes through Igatpuri (IGP) and Bhusaval Junction (BSL) on its way. The Sevagram Express leaves Mumbai CST (CSTM) at 3:00 PM and reaches Nagpur the following day at 6:10 AM, passing through Kalyan Junction (KYN), Nasik Road (NK), Manmad Junction (MMR), Bhusaval Junction (BSL), Wardha Junction (WR), and more.

Average Fare for Mumbai CST (CSTM) to Nagpur (NGP) Train Tickets

For the Nagpur Duronto Express, the average fare for First AC (1A) is Rs.3225, for Second AC (2A) is Rs.2250, for Third AC (3A) is Rs.1840, and for Sleeper (SL) is Rs.705.

The average fare for the Sevagram Express is Rs.1675 for Second AC (2A), Rs.1175 for Third AC (3A), and Rs.440 for General Sleeper.

Children and senior citizens are offered discounted fares.

Popular hotels near Nagpur railway station (NGP)

Plenty of hotels are available for accommodation near Nagpur Railway Station (NGP). Some of the popular ones include Mango Hotels, Hotel Siddharth Inn, Hotel Parashar, and Hotel Skylark. Vora Corporate Inn is in close proximity to the station and offers a unique combination of luxury and comfort. This hotel has various rooms along with suites with kitchenettes. Other facilities available to the guests include free internet, breakfast, room service, and more. Hotel Hardeo offers multiple services to the guests. It provides various rooms including suites with room service. Other services include restaurant, bar and lounge, free internet, breakfast, banquet room, meeting rooms, conference facilities, business center with internet, and many more. You can also choose accomodation from a list of best hotels in Nagpur based on different categories ranging like 5 star hotels in Nagpur, 4 star hotels in Nagpur, 3 star hotels in Nagpur, budget hotels in Nagpur, cheap hotels in Nagpur and resorts for your perusal.

Popular attractions near Nagpur railway station (NGP)

There are plenty of places that you can visit near Nagpur railway station (NGP). You can visit temples close by, such as Shree Ganesh Mandir Tekdi, Telankhedi Shiv Temple, Shri Agyaram Devi Mandir, and Shree Geeta Mandir. Other places of interest include Deekhsha Bhoomi, Khindsi Lake, Futala Lake, Ramtek Fort Temple, Zero Mile Marker, Raman Science Center, Jama Masjid, Narrow Gauge Rail Museum, Ram Jhula, and Dhamma Chakra Stupa.


Q.1: - Which is the fastest train on this route?

Ans: - The Howrah Duronto is the fastest train on this route. The train covers a distance of 837 km in approximately 10 hours and 50 minutes.

Q.2: - Which train takes the longest time to reach Nagpur (NGP) from Mumbai CST (CSTM)?

Ans: - The Nandigram Express takes the longest time to reach Nagpur (NGP) from Mumbai CST (CSTM). It covers the distance of 1139 Km in 23 hours and 40 minutes.

Q.3: - How do I cancel a Mumbai CST (CSTM) to Nagpur (NGP) train reservation?

Ans: - To cancel a Mumbai CST (CSTM) to Nagpur (NGP) train reservation, you need to first log in to the IRCTC page. Then, click on the ‘Counter Ticket Cancellation’ link at the top right corner.

Q.4: -How many trains ply between Mumbai CST (CSTM) and Nagpur (NGP)?

Ans: -There are currently 7 trains plying between Mumbai CST (CSTM) and Nagpur (NGP).

Q.5: - Which are the other key stations on this route?

Ans: -Thane (TNA), Igatpuri (IGP), Manmad Junction (MMR), Aurangabad (AWB), Adilabad (ADB), and Badnera Junction (BD) are other key stations on this route.

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