new delhi to rohtak Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from new delhi to rohtak 10 Trains
Distance from new delhi to rohtak By Train: 69 Km
Fastest Train from new delhi to rohtak : SGNR NED SPL(02440)
Slowest Train from new delhi to rohtak : KALINDI EXP SPL(04724)

About the New Delhi (NDLS) to Rohtak (ROK) Rail Route

With a rail route of just 70 km distance between New Delhi (NDLS) and Rohtak (ROK) railway stations, travelling by train is preferred by most people. Not only is the journey time very short, ranging from an hour and a half to two, the tickets are also quite economical. Moreover, the connectivity between these two stations is very good, with several superfast, express, and general trains running on this route. Some of the important stations that fall in this route include Vivekanand Puri Halt (VVKP), Shakur Basti (SSB), Bahadurgarh (BGZ), and Kharawar (KRZ).

Popular Trains on New Delhi (NDLS) to Rohtak (ROK) Rail Route

Gorakhdham SF Express and Punjab Mail are two of the most popular trains on the New Delhi (NDLS) - Rohtak (ROK) rail route. Both these trains operate on all days of the week. The Gorakhdham SF Express, originating at Gorakhpur (GKP) junction, leaves New Delhi (NDLS) junction at 6:05 AM and reaches Rohtak (ROK) station at 7:34 AM on the same day. The train crosses Shakur Basti (SSB), Nangloi (NNO), and Bahadurgarh (BGZ) on its way to Rohtak (ROK). Punjab Mail departs from New Delhi (NDLS) junction at 9:50 PM and arrives at Rohtak (ROK) station at 11:20 PM on the same day. Delhi Kishan Ganj (DKZ), Shakur Basti (SSB), and Bahadurgarh (BGZ) are three key stations that the train crosses before reaching Rohtak (ROK) junction.

Average Fare for New Delhi (NDLS) to Rohtak (ROK) Train Tickets

The average fare for superfast trains, such as the Hazur Sahib Nanded - Shri Ganganagar SF Express, is INR 56 for unreserved class, INR 170 for sleeper class, INR 540 for A/C 3-tier, and INR 744 for A/C 2-tier coaches. 
The average fare for other express trains, such as the New Delhi - Rohtak Intercity Express, is INR 41 for unreserved class, INR 60 for second sitting, and INR 239 for A/C chair coaches.  
Discounted fares are applicable for children below 12 years of age as well as for senior citizens.

Popular Hotels near Rohtak (ROK) Railway Station

Hotel Sai Palace, Hotel D2M, Hotel NMR Plaza, Hotel Alfa Regal, and Ashoka Hotel are some of the popular hotels near Rohtak (ROK) Railway Station. Hotel Rivoli, which is approximately 3.8 km from the Rohtak (ROK) railway station, is a luxurious 3-star hotel. With chic interiors, state-of-the-art technology, and neat fixtures and furnishing, this hotel impresses most travelers. It consists of rooms ranging from deluxe to Rivoli suites. All the rooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with tea/coffee makers, mini bars, WiFi connection as well as iron boards. Guests can also avail 24/7 room service, wake-up call service, doctor on call, and laundry services. You can also choose accomodation from a list of best hotels in Delhi based on different categories ranging like 5 star hotels in Delhi, 4 star hotels in Delhi, 3 star hotels in Delhi, budget hotels in Delhi, cheap hotels in Delhi and resorts for your perusal.  
The Mirage Palace is another highly recommended 3-star hotel in Rohtak, which is preferred by many people. With a perfect melange of the traditional and contemporary, this hotel, located within 3 km from the Rohtak railway station, comprises a party lounge and a multi-cuisine restaurant. In addition, there are premium rooms, super premium rooms, and executive suites to meet the needs of guests with varying budgets. 

Popular Attractions near Rohtak (ROK) Railway Station

Rohtak has several attractions, which fascinate tourists. Some popular places near Rohtak (ROK) railway station include the Tilyar Lake, the Tilyar mini zoo, Daksh Prajapati Chowk, Splash Water World, and Khokra Kot. 


Q. - Which are the fastest trains on this route?

Ans: - The New Delhi – Ludhiana Shatabdi Express, the New Delhi – Moga Shatabdi Express, and the New Delhi – Firozpur Shatabdi Express are the fastest trains along the New Delhi (NDLS) – Rohtak (ROK) route. All the three trains cover a distance of 71 km in 1 hour and 17 minutes. 

Q. - Which trains take the longest time to reach Rohtak (ROK) from New Delhi (NDLS)?

Ans: - The Tilak Bridge – Rohtak Passenger and the New Delhi – Rohtak Intercity Express take the longest time to reach Rohtak (ROK) from New Delhi (NDLS). Both the trains run at a speed of 30 km/hour and take two hours and 20 minutes to reach Rohtak (ROK).

Q. - How do I cancel a New Delhi (NDLS) to Rohtak (ROK) train reservation?

Ans: - To cancel a New Delhi (NDLS) to Rohtak (ROK) train reservation, log in to the IRCTC page with your registered login credentials. Then, click on the ‘Counter Ticket Cancellation’ link at the top right corner.

Q. - How many trains ply between New Delhi (NDLS) to Rohtak (ROK)?

Ans: - 13 trains ply between New Delhi (NDLS) and Rohtak (ROK) junctions.

Q. - Which are the other key stations on this route?

Ans: - Mundka (MQC), Ghevra (GHE), Asaudah (ASE), Sampla (SPZ), and Kharawar (KRZ) are some of the other important stations on the New Delhi (NDLS) and Rohtak (ROK) rail route.

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