new delhi to tirupati Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from new delhi to tirupati 5 Trains
Distance from new delhi to tirupati By Train: 2136 Km
Fastest Train from new delhi to tirupati : TVC NDLS SF EXP(02625)
Slowest Train from new delhi to tirupati : NZM FESTVL SPL(02781)

New Delhi to Tirupati Train Tickets

7 trains ply across the capital of India, New Delhi and Tirupati. The trains pass through the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi and more. The sky will remain clear for a few days. During the day, people of Tirupati experience a temperature of 28°C which can drop to 22°C at night. People of Tirupati communicate with each other in Telugu on a daily basis.

Kerala Express is the fastest train that runs along this route covering a distance of 2137 kms in 33 hours and 33 mins. It is available everyday. This train can be boarded from New Delhi at 11:25 which reaches 20:58 on the next day. Tpty Humsafar is the slowest train for this route reaching the destination in 42 hours and 30 mins.

Of all the trains, 3 trains run directly between New Delhi and Tirupati - Kerala Express, Navyug Express and Himsagar EXP. Almost all the trains between New Delhi and Tirupati pass through Nagpur, Renigunta Jn and Jhansi Jn stations.

You can opt for the earliest train, ERS Millenum EX that leaves NZM at 05:50 or catch the last train, Tpty Humsafar departing DSJ at 16:55. If you are avoiding pantry and not carrying food you may like to board ERS Millenum EX and Swarna Jayanti, as these trains stop at Jhansi Jn for 10 mins.