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About Panvel Railway Station

Panvel Railway Station (PNVL) is located in the central zone and is a part of the Harbour Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. This railway station serves all types of trains, including fast, semi-fast, and slow trains. It started operations in 1962 and provided rail freight services and cargo services. This station serves as the major hub for the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport, serving the Navi Mumbai area. The station has seven platforms.

Trains Departing from Panvel To Other Stations

A total of six trains originate from this station and six trains terminate at this station. The number of trains that halt at the Panvel railway station is 106.

Trains to Top Pilgrimage Sites:

The Amritsar Express connects PNVL railway station to Amritsar. The Golden Temple in Amritsar is the holiest place of worship for Sikhs. Ratnagiri is a famous pilgrim location for Buddhists. The BSR Ratnagiri Special connects Mumbai and Panvel railway station (PNVL) to Ratnagiri. Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of India and is a famous location close to Nagercoil. It is considered a holy location and visited by people from all over the country. The Gandhidham Express runs between Gandhidham and Nagercoil.

Trains to Metros Cities:

There are 17 long-distance trains from Panvel PNVL railway station to Bangalore, 37 to Delhi, ten to Kolkata, and nine trains to Chennai.

Popular Trains:

The Konkan Kanya Express is an express train. It is quite punctual and has a pantry car. The Hazrat Nizamuddin – Thiruvanthapuram Central is a Rajdhani Express. Rajdhani Express is one of the fastest trains that run in the country. It is known to be punctual and has catering services including pantry car. The Mumbai CST-Karmali Tejas Express is a highspeed fully A/C train that runs 5 days a week. It has LED TVs, WiFi service, bio toilets, and CCTV cameras.

The Konkan Kanya Express connects PNVL railway station to Madgaon (MAO) in Goa.
The Hazrat Nizamuddin – Thiruvanthapuram Central Rajdhani connects the Panvel PNVL railway station to Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM).
The Mumbai CST – Karmali Tejas Express train connects Mumbai to Karmali in Goa and runs through Panvel.

Popular Places Near Panvel Railway Station

There are several popular places near Panvel railway station. The Smart Eco Park is one of a kind eco-friendly park, which has got various entertainment activities for people of all ages. The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a tourist’s delight and has a good trekking route. Other places of interest are Louisa Point, Gadeshwar Dam, Kharghar Hills, Pandavkada Falls, and Nerul Lake. One can also visit the Belapur Fort and the Swaminarayan Temple.


How many inter-state stations are there in Mumbai?
There are around eight inter-state railway stations in Mumbai.
What are the names and codes of different stations in Mumbai?
Here are names and codes of the main stations in Mumbai:
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus – CST
Mumbai Central – BCT
Dadar Terminus Railway Station – DR
Bandra Railway Station – BDTS
Andheri Station – ADH
Panvel Station – PNVL
Kalyan Junction – KYN
Borivali railway station – BVI
What are the top train routes from Panvel PNVL railway station?
Panvel station to Goa, Panvel station to Ahmedabad, and Panvel station to Pune are the top train routes from here.
Which city has maximum trains connecting it to Panvel station?
Goa is one of the cities that have the maximum number of trains connecting it to PNVL Railway Station.
Which is the fastest train originating from Mumbai?
Hazrat Nizamuddin-Madgaon Rajdhani Express that runs from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Madgaon Junction through PNVL Railway Station is one of the fastest trains from here.
Which train originating from Panvel PNVL Railway Station covers the longest route?
The Hazrat Nizamuddin-Thiruvanthapuram Rajdhani that passes through Panvel covers the longest route (2844 km from Delhi to Trivandrum).
How many trains originate from Panvel?
There are six trains that originate from Panvel railway station (PNVL). Also, 106 trains halt at this station.
Does Mumbai have flight connectivity?
Yes, Mumbai has flight connectivity. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport serves the city of Mumbai.