patna to kota Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from patna to kota 2 Trains
Distance from patna to kota By Train: 1144 Km
Fastest Train from patna to kota : ADI PNBE SF SPL(09447)
Slowest Train from patna to kota : ADI PNBE SPL(02947)

Patna Jn to Kota Jn Train Tickets

A total of 6 trains scurry between Patna and Kota in North India. The trains cover the states of Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and more, during the course of its journey. Kota was formerly known as Kotah. Kota experiences a temperature of 16°C during the day which can drop to 8°C at night. Also, one may get to view a clear sky around this time.

Of all the trains between Patna and Kota, Azimabad Express is the fastest train covering a distance of 1144 kms in 18 hours and 05 mins. This train can be boarded from Patna Jn at 23:35 which reaches 17:40 on the next day. The slowest of all the trains on this route is KYQ Gimb Express, taking 26 hours and 35 mins to cover 1211 kms. It reaches the destination taking 13 halts.

KYQ Gimb Express is the earliest train for this route leaving at 04:30 while the last train is Azimabad Express that departs at 23:35 from Patna.If you are avoiding pantry and not carrying food you may like to board BGP AII Express which halts at Mughal Sarai Jn (10 mins) and at Guna (10 mins), where you can have dinner and lunch respectively .

Mughal Sarai Jn, Sawai Madhopur and Tundla Jn are major stations in this route and most trains pass through them.Of all the trains, 5 trains run directly between Patna Jn and Kota Jn - KYQ Gimb Express, Pnbe Kota EXP, BGP AII Express, Azimabad Express and Dwarka Express.