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About Rourkela Railway Station

Rourkela Railway Station (ROU) is located in the city of Rourkela, Odisha. This railway station is the third largest urban cluster in the state of Odisha and serves millions of passengers every year. Rourkela Railway Station (ROU) is located on the Mumbai-Kolkata South Eastern Railway line. The railway station is well-connected with cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Ranchi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vishakhapatnam, Jammu & Kashmir and others. The railway station is also amongst the hundred busiest railway stations in India.

Trains Departing from Rourkela to Other Stations

103 trains halt at Rourkela ROU Railway Station. 8 trains originate and 8 trains terminate at this railways station. The station has a total number of 5 platforms.

Trains to Top Pilgrimage Sites:

Okha Howrah Link Express connects Rourkela ROU Railway Station to Kolkata’s Howrah station. Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata is a celebrated Hindu temple and is located on the banks of Hooghly River. Ajmer Howrah Daily Chain connects Rourkela Railway Station (ROU) to Ajmer, famous for its Shariff Dargah. Bilaspur- Rameswaram Weekly Chain connects Rourkela to Rameswaram, renowned for the famed Ramanathaswamy Temple. To reach Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu, you need to catch the Jammu Tawi Express from Rourkela Railway Station (ROU). After reaching Jammu by train, the further journey can be completed only by road.

Trains to Metros Cities:

There are 28 long-distance trains from Rourkela Railway Station (ROU) to Bangalore, 21 to Delhi, 10 to Mumbai, and 22 to Kolkata (Sealdah Station).

Popular Trains:

The Hatia Pune Weekly connects ROU Railway Station to Pune. Tatanagar - Mumbai LTT Antyodaya Express has clean coaches, good food, and easy ticket availability. Bilaspur-Patna Weekly Express is a superfast train connecting ROU Railway Station to Patna Junction. Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Mail offers good connectivity to Rourkela on a daily basis.

The Hatia Pune Weekly connects Rourkela Railway Station (ROU) to Pune (PUNE).
The Tatanagar - Mumbai LTT Antyodaya Express links Rourkela Railway Station (ROU) to Mumbai (LTT).
The Bilaspur - Patna Weekly Express connects Rourkela ROU Railway Station to Patna (PNBE).
The Howrah - Mumbai CSMT Mail links ROU Railway Station to Mumbai (CSTM).

Popular Places Near Rourkela Railway Station

During your visit, you can explore many amazing tourist attractions near Rourkela Railway Station. Hanuman Vatika is located just 4.9 km away from the station and is known for a huge statue of Lord Hanuman. Vaishno Devi Temple is 8.2 km away from the Rourkela Railway Station. This temple is a replica of the actual Vaishno Devi in Jammu and offers a great view as it is located on Durgapur hill. Indira Gandhi Park is another superb place to visit near Rourkela Railway Station. This park has a museum, zoo, aquarium, musical fountain, toy train, and boating within its premises.


How many inter-state stations are there in Rourkela?
There is only 1 inter-state railway station in Rourkela.
What are the names and codes of different stations in Rourkela?
Here are names and codes of the main stations in Rourkela:
Rourkela Railway Junction – ROU
What are the top train routes from Rourkela station?
Rourkela to Ahmedabad, Rourkela to Alleppey, and Rourkela to Howrah are top train routes from here.
Which city has maximum trains connecting it to Rourkela station?
Tatanagar is one of the cities that have the maximum number of trains connecting it to Rourkela Station.
Which is the fastest train originating from Rourkela?
The Yesvantpur super-fast express that runs from Tatanagar to Bangalore is one of the fastest trains from here.
Which train originating from Rourkela, covers the longest route?
The Chennai-Ranchi Express train which passes through Rourkela Railway Station has the longest route. It covers a distance of 3356 km from Chennai to Ranchi.
How many trains originate from Rourkela?
8 trains originate from Rourkela Railway Station.
Does Rourkela have flight connectivity?
No, it does not have flight connectivity. The closest airport to this city is in Ranchi.