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Saraighat Express 12345 Train

The Saraighat Express 12345 train is a superfast train that runs from the Howrah Junction (HWH) railway station to Guwahati (GHY) railway station. It is named after the Battle of Saraighat fought between the Mughals and the Ahom Kingdom. The train operates under the Eastern Railway zone of the Indian Railways. It halts at 11 stations including Bolpur Shantiniketan, Malda Town, New Jalpaiguri Junction, and Kamakhya Junction. The Saraighat Express 12345 covers a total of 999 km on its journey and passes through 177 intermediate stations. It usually departs from platform number 9 of the source and arrives at platform number 3 of the destination.

Why Saraighat Express 12345?

The train is renowned for its cleanliness, punctuality, and food along with the comfortable journey it provides to the passengers.

The Perks Of Riding The Saraighat Express Train

• The train has an attached pantry car serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items like biryani, paneer pakoda, samosa, soup, and much more.
• You can avail the on-board catering and e-catering facilities on the train to order food of your choice.
• Passengers in A/C coaches are clean provided bedrolls.

• There are mobile/laptop charging ports available in the A/C and sleeper coaches.
• The train is clean and well-maintained.

Train Coach & Schedule

The train has 24 coaches, including two Seating-cum-Luggage Rake (SLR), three general sitting, one A/C 2 tier, three A/C 3 tier, and 13 sleeper coaches. It also has one HA coach (half of the coach is A/C 2 tier and the other half is A/C first class) and a pantry car. The Saraighat Express 12345 operates on all days of the week. It departs from Howrah Junction at 15:50 hours and arrives at the Guwahati railway station at 9:40 hours on day 2.

Average Speed & The Time Traveled

The Saraighat Express travels at an average speed of 56 kmph and takes 17 hours and 50 minutes to reach the Guwahati railway station.

About The Destination

Known as the City of Temples, Guwahati boasts of many ancient temples like Kamakhya, Balaji, and Basistha. You can also explore many amusement parts like Accoland and Dreamland Amusement Park. Umananda is a Shiva Temple located on an island in the Brahmaputra River. It is one among the many tourist destinations. Natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries like Nehru Park, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, and Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary are housed in Guwahati. Paltan Bazar, Fancy Bazar, Paan Bazar, and Ganesh Gudi are some best places for shopping. You can also head to the Assam State Zoo, Guwahati Planetarium, and the Assam State Museum.

Q. Which platform in Guwahati Railway Station (GHY) is Saraighat Express likely to come in at?
A. Saraighat Express usually comes in at Platform no. 2 at Guwahati Railway Station (GHY).

Q. What is the distance covered by Saraighat Express on its route to Guwahati?
A. Saraighat Express covers a distance of 999 km while running from Howrah to Guwahati.

Q. Is metro available from Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)?
A. There are no metro stations in Guwahati.

Q. Which are the most important temples to visit in Guwahati?
A. Kamakhya Temple, Ugratara temple, Doul Govinda temple, and Lankeshwar temple are some of the most popular temples in Guwahati.

Q. How far is Umananda Island from Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)?
A. Umananda Island is located just 2 km from Guwahati Railway Station (GHY).

Q. Tell me names of some good budget hotels in Guwahati.
A. Hotel Siroy Lily, Hotel Mahalaxmi, and Hotel Sunview International are a few good budget hotels in Guwahati.

Q. Can you tell me a good 4-star hotel to stay at near Guwahati Railway Station (GKY)?
A.  Hotel Dynasty is a good 4-star hotel near Guwahati Railway Station (GHY).

Q. What is the best means of transport to go to Guwahati Planetarium from Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)?
A. Guwahati Planetarium is located very close to the railway station. So, you can make the most of your trip by taking a car and reaching your destinations within 5 minutes.

Q. Are there some decent cheap hotels near Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)?
A. Hotel Siroy Classic, Hotel Plaza Inn, and Hotel Orchid are a few cheap hotels located near Guwahati Railway Station (GHY).

Q. How far is Basistha Ashram from Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)?
A. If you plan to drive down to Basistha Ashram, it will take you approximately 45 minutes to reach there. It is located 14.3 km away from Guwahati Railway Station (GHY).

Q. Which is a good 5-star hotel near Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)?
A. The only 5-star hotel near Guwahati Railway Station (GHY) is Vivanta by Taj.

Q. Would you recommend Hotel Dee Empresa as a good 3-star hotel to stay at?
A. Yes, Hotel Dee Empresa is a good 3-star hotel located in Park Street, Kolkata.

Q. Which station of Kolkata does the Saraighat Express start from?
A. Saraighat Express originates from Howrah junction (HWH) in Kolkata.

Q. Are there 4-star hotels near New Jalpaiguri Station (NJP)?
A. Yes, Sinclairs Siliguri and The Cinderella Hotel are two of the 4-star hotels near New Jalpaiguri Station (NJP).

Q. Can you recommend some cheap hotels near New Jalpaiguri Station (NJP)?
A. Hotel Baidyanath, Hotel Himalayan Regency, and Hotel NJP are some of the cheap hotels near New Jalpaiguri Station (NJP).

Q. What is the best means of transport to reach Howrah station (HWH) from Ballygunge?
A. You can reach Howrah station (HWH) via Ballygunge Circular Road in about 40 minutes in a car. As an alternative, you can avail the metro from Ballygunge Phari bus stop to reach Howrah station (HWH) in about 45 minutes.

Q. I am staying at a guest house in Salt Lake. Should I take my train from Howrah station (HWH) or Sealdah railway station (SDAH)?
A. Since Saraighat Express doesn’t cross Sealdah railway station (SDAH), you will have to take the train from Howrah station (HWH).

Q. How long would it take me to get from Park Street to Howrah station (HWH) in Kolkata?
A. It will take you approximately 25 minutes to reach Howrah station (HWH) from Park Street, provided you take a cab.

Q. Are there any 5-star hotels near Howrah station (HWH) in Kolkata?
A.  The Oberoi Grand and The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata are two of the 5-star hotels near Howrah station (HWH) in Kolkata.

Q. What are some budget hotels near Howrah station (HWH) in Kolkata?
A. Hotel Shivam and Hotel Manish are two budget hotels near Howrah station (HWH) in Kolkata.

Q. What are some good sights to watch out for in Guwahati?
A. Some of the key attractions in Guwahati include the Kamakhya Temple, Kaziranga National Park, Hajo, Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bhubaneswari Temple.

Q. Does this train terminate at the Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)?
A. Yes, Saraighat Express terminates at Guwahati Railway Station (GHY).

Q. What are some good trains on Kolkata to Guwahati route?
A. Some of the preferred trains on the Kolkata-Guwahati route are Kanchenjunga Express, Kamrup Express, and Kolkata-Dibrugarh SF Weekly Express.

Q. Does Saraighat Express generally reach on time?
A. Yes, Saraighat Express is extremely punctual and reaches its destination on time on most days.

Q. If I want to go to Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP) from Howrah, should I take Saraighat Express?
A. Yes, you can take Saraighat Express for going to Shantiniketan. The train stops for around 5 minutes at Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP) junction.

Q. How long does Saraighat Express take to reach Guwahati?
A. The train takes 17 hours and 50 minutes to reach Guwahati railway station (GHY).

Q. Does Saraighat Express stop at Malda, and for how long?
A. Yes, the train stops at Malda junction railway station (MLDT) for 15 minutes.

Q. What is the Tatkal surcharge for A/C 2-tier?
A. The Tatkal surcharge for A/C 2-tier is approximately INR 539.

Q. What is the fare for 1st class in Saraighat Express?
A. The regular fare for a ticket on 1st class coach of Saraighat Express is INR 3,231.

Q. How is the food on Saraighat Express?
A. The quality of food offered on Saraighat Express is of good quality.

Q. Does Saraighat Express have a pantry car?
A. Yes, Saraighat Express has a pantry car.