kolkata to cooch behar Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from kolkata to cooch behar 7 Trains
Distance from kolkata to cooch behar By Train: 687 Km
Fastest Train from kolkata to cooch behar : GHY HWH SPECIAL(02346)
Slowest Train from kolkata to cooch behar : NOQ SDAH SPECIAL(03142)

Sealdah to New Cooch Behar Train Tickets

14 trains run to and fro between Kolkata and Cooch Behar, connecting the capital of West Bengal to Cooch Behar. The trains pass through the states of Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand and more. The temperature can go to as high as 32°C in Cooch Behar during the day with an expectation of a partly cloudy sky. People eagerly wait for Durga Puja festival as it is widely celebrated in the region of Cooch Behar.

Testa Torsa EXP is the slowest train for this route reaching the destination in 16 hours and 55 mins. It takes an alternate route passing through the state of Madhya Pradesh. GHY Garib Rath is the fastest train that runs along this route covering a distance of 693 kms in 12 hours and 15 mins. It departs from KOLKATA at 21:40 and reaches New Cooch Behar at 09:55 on the next day.

There are some trains like Kanchanjanga EXP and Guwahati EXP that halt at Malda Town and New Jalpaguri respectively where you can grab a quick meal. Considering the duration of the journey, boarding Saraighat EXP from Howrah Jn would be convenient as it departs at 15:50. Kanchanjanga EXP is the earliest train leaving at 06:35 while Padatik Express is the last train departing at 23:15 for Cooch Behar.

There is a high likelihood of a train passing through Malda Town, New Jalpaiguri and Kishanganj stations, as these are the most common stations along this route. 3 trains run directly between Sealdah and New Cooch Behar namely, Kanchanjanga EXP, Testa Torsa EXP and Uttar Banga EXP.