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12487 seemanchal express

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Seemanchal Express 12487 Train

The Seemanchal Express 12487 train runs from Jogbani, a town in Bihar, to Delhi. The train started service on January 5, 2009. It is a superfast train which falls under the operation of the Northern Railway zone. The train can operate at a maximum speed of 110 kmph between Danapur and Ghaziabad Junction. The stations that the train halts at include Begusarai, Danapur, Mirzapur, and Aligarh Junction. The Seemanchal Express passes through 234 intermediate stations on its route.

Seemanchal Express offers a daily service between the Jogbani town and Delhi. The train offers good facilities to ensure that the passengers have a pleasant journey.

• The train has the e-catering facility available. The passengers can pre-order food of their choice and have it delivered on the train.
• A/C coaches on the train have laptop and mobile charging ports.
• Bedrolls are provided to the passengers traveling in A/C 2 tier and A/C 3 tier coaches.

Seemanchal Express 12487 train has four Seating-cum-Luggage Rake (SLR) coaches, six general coaches, three A/C 3 tier coaches, 10 sleeper coaches, and an AB coach which is half A/C 2 tier and half A/C 3 tier, which amount to a total of 24 coaches.
This is a daily train that starts at 8:00 PM from Jogbani and arrives at the Anand Vihar Terminal at 9:00 PM on day 2.

The Seemanchal Express 12487 operates at an average speed of 55 kmph. The train travels for 24 hours and 55 minutes to reach the Anand Vihar Terminal station, covering a total of 1381 km on the route.

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Q. What is the route of Seemanchal Express?
A. The route of Seemanchal Express 12487 train is Jogbani railway station in Bihar to Anand Vihar Terminal railway station in Delhi.

Q. How long does the train take to reach its destination?
A. The train takes around 25 hours to reach the destination station.

Q. What is the price range of tickets for the Seemanchal Express?
A. The tickets prices for sleeper, A/C 3 tier, and A/C 2 tier coaches are given below
• Rs.610 for sleeper class.
• Rs.2301 for A/C 2 tier class.
• Rs.1588 for A/C 3 tier class.

Prices for children and senior citizens may vary.

Q. What are the key stations along this train route?
A. Some key stations on the route of Jogbani-Anand Vihar Terminals are Forbesganj Junction, Katihar Junction, Patliputra Junction, Mughal Sarai Junction, Allahabad Junction, and Kanpur Central.

Q. What is the name and code of the origin station for this train?
A. The train originates from the Jogbani railway station. The code of the station is JBN.

Q. What is the name and code of the final station for this train?
A. The train terminates at Anand Vihar Terminal railway station and its code is ANVT.

Q. Does this train run regularly?
A. Yes. This is a daily train between Jogbani and Delhi.

Q. What is the most unique feature of Seemanchal Express?
A. The Seemanchal Express 12487 is the only superfast and daily train running between Jogbani and Delhi.