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22911 shipra express

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Shipra Express 22911 Train

Shipra Express 22911 train connects the cities of Indore and Kolkata. It runs from Indore Junction BG in Madhya Pradesh to Howrah Junction in West Bengal. The train halts at 32 stations on its journey, including Dewas Junction, Bina Junction, Satna Junction, and Asansol Junction. It passes through 290 intermediate stations. The Shipra Express is named after the holy Shipra River in Madhya Pradesh. The train falls under and is operated by the Western Railway zone.

Shipra Express 22911 is a well-maintained train equipped with good facilities to provide a pleasant and comfortable journey to the passengers.

• The train has on-board catering and e-catering facilities.
• Bedrolls are provided to the passengers traveling A/C 2 tier and A/C 3 tier coaches.
• Cleanliness is maintained in the train. The coaches and washrooms are cleaned regularly.
• There are charging ports in the A/C coaches that the passengers can utilize to charge their electronic devices like mobiles and laptops.
• The train has excellent rail fanning.

There are 22 coaches on the train, which include A/C and non-AC coaches. There are two Seating-cum-Luggage Rake (SLR), four general coaches, one A/C 2 tier, three A/C 3 tier, and 12 sleeper coaches. The Shipra Express operates three days a week Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It leaves Indore Junction BG at 11:30 PM and arrives at the Howrah Junction railway station at 6:45 AM on day 3.

The train operates at an average speed of 56 kmph. It travels for 31 hours and 15 minutes to reach the destination, covering a distance of 1750 km on the route.

Howrah is the second largest city in the state of West Bengal. It is the twin city of Kolkata and located on the banks of the Hoogli River. The famous Howrah Bridge links the cities of Howrah and Kolkata. Belur Math is one of the must-see places in Howrah. The temple was founded by Swami Vivekananda and is well-known for its architecture. The Satragachi Jheel, Ramkrishnapur Ghat, Howrah Bridge, the Indian Botanical Garden, and Rail Museum are some of the best places to visit in and near the city of Howrah.

Q. What is the route of Shipra Express?
A. Shipra Express 22911 train runs from the Indore Junction railway station to Howrah Junction railway station.

Q. How long does the train take to reach its destination?
A. The train takes 31 hours and 15 minutes to reach the Howrah Junction railway station.

Q. What is the price range of tickets for the Shipra Express?
A. The regular ticket prices for sleeper, A/C 3 tier, and A/C 2 tier coaches are Rs. 680, Rs. 1804, and Rs. 2628, respectively. Discount is available on fares for senior citizens and children.

Q. What are the key stations along this train route?
A. Some key stations on the Indore Junction- Howrah Junction route are Ujjain Junction, Bhopal Junction, Katni Junction, Manikpur Junction, Mughal Sarai Junction, and Dhanbad Junction.

Q. What is the name and code of the origin station for this train?
A. The origin station for Shipra Express 22911 train is the Indore Junction BG railway station. The code of the station is INDB.

Q. What is the name and code of the final station for this train?
A. The train terminates at the Howrah Junction railway station. The code of the station is HWH.

Q. Does this train run regularly?
A. No. The train runs three days a week― Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Q. What is the most unique feature of Shipra Express?
A. The Shipra Express is the only train originating from Indore Junction and traveling to Howrah Junction.