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About Surat Railway Station

Being popular among job seekers, industrialists, and entrepreneurs, Surat has flourished immensely in the recent years, ranking 9th rank as a major urban city in India and is home to the 7th busiest railwjavascript:void(0);ay station, the Surat Railway Station (ST). The routes of ST belong to the Western Railway Zone. Given the facilities, the station offers advanced railway ticketing system, not to mention waiting room facilities for all 3 classes, ATMs, and a restaurant.

Trains Departing from Surat Railway Station to Other Stations

Surat Railway Station houses 4 platforms, on which, exactly 296 trains halt. Precisely, 24 trains originate from the station and 23 trains terminate at the station. To say the least, about 1 lakh passengers choose trains from the station for their daily traveling.

Trains to Top Pilgrimage Sites: Surat Railway Station sets out 7 short distance trains to Dwarkadhish, one of the most popular places in Gujarat. The station connects 23 trains to Ajmer, home to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Also, Surat Railway Station sends forth about 9 trains to Puri, 9 to Varanasi, 3 to Jammu Tawi and 1 directly to Katra.

Trains to Metro Cities: From Surat Railway Station, there are 23 direct-running trains to Delhi. However, 123 trains drop off at Mumbai, 5 trains connect to Kolkata, 8 trains chug towards Hyderabad, and 12 trains reach Bengaluru. A total of 101 trains connect Surat with Ahmedabad and 152 trains link Vadodara with Surat.

Popular Trains

Surat Railway Station has a few popular trains passing through them, known for their comfortable cabins, cleanliness, timeliness and the facility to order pre-booked, delicious meals. Some of these are listed below.

• Ahmedabad Jan Shatabdi Express is a connecting link between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
• Jaipur Superfast Express is a great option to travel between Mumbai and Jaipur.
• Bandra Surat Intercity Express is perfect for those travelers who commute regularly between Mumbai and Surat.
• Rajdhani Express passes via Surat and connects Mumbai to Delhi.

Different Railway Stations in Surat
The Surat district has some nearby stations, namely:

• Gothangam Railway Station
• Kosad Railway Station
• Uttran Railway Station
• Udhna Junction Railway Station
• Bhestan Railway Station
• Niol and Sachin Railway Station

Popular Places near Surat Junction ST Railway Station

Beach lovers can find their way to the Ubharat Beach, which is just 3 kms away from the railway station. In summers, families would love to visit Amaazia Water Park, which is at a distance of 5 km from the station. Dutch Garden, which is a memorial park is quite popular and is at a distance of only 3.8 Km. Swami Narayan Temple witnesses major influx of tourists and is at a distance of 5 km. Do not forget to experience India’s growing scientific presence at Science Museum, which is at a distance of 7.9 km. Other nearby major attractions are Jawaharlal Nehru Garden and Sardar Patel Museum.

Q. How do I get to Vapi from Surat Railway Station (ST)?
A. You can take a train from Surat Railway Station (ST) to Vapi.

Q. How far is the Hazira town from Surat city center?
A. It is around 22 km from Surat city center.

Q. What are the best means to travel to Surat railway station (ST) from Vareli?
A. Taxis or auto rickshaws can be hired to travel between Vareli and Surat railway station (ST).

Q. Are there buses from Surat ST Railway Station (ST) to Ahmedabad?
A. No. You can take a bus to Ahmedabad from a nearby bus station.

Q. Can I get a taxi to Vadodara from Surat ST Railway Station (ST)?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Is there metro connectivity from Surat ST Railway Station (ST)?
A. No, there is no metro connectivity from Surat ST Railway Station (ST).

Q. How long will it take me to get from Surat railway station (ST) to Kamrej?
A. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Kamrej from Surat railway station (ST).

Q. What are the means of transport available from Surat ST Railway Station (ST)?
A. Buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws are available for transport from Surat ST Railway Station (ST).

Q. What are the best means to get to Dumas Beach from the Surat ST Railway Station (ST)?
A. You can take a taxi to Dumas Beach from Surat Railway Station (ST).

Q. How do I get to Gopi Talav from Surat ST Railway Station (ST)?
A. You can take an auto-rickshaw or a taxi from Surat ST Railway Station (ST) to Gopi Talav.

Q. What is Surat famous for?
A. Surat is famous for its Zari craft and producing silk and cotton.

Q. When can I catch the Dangs Darbar festival in Surat?
A. The Dangs Darbar festival is held during March-April every year.

Q. What is the local food of Surat that one should try?
A. Locha, Surati Khaman, and Khakhra are some local food items of Surat that one must try.

Q. What are some recommended restaurants for Gujarati cuisine in Surat?
A. Sasumaa Gujarati Thali and Jalaram Khichadi are some of the best restaurants for Gujarati Cuisine in Surat.

Q. Are there tourist buses for a sightseeing tour of Surat?
A. Yes. There are sightseeing buses in Surat.

Q. What are the must-see places of Surat?
A. Old Fort Of Surat, the Surat Municipal Aquarium, Gopi Talav, and Dumas Beach are some must-see places here.

Q. What are the timings for the Sardar Patel Museum?
A. The museum remains open on all days from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, except on Monday.

Q. Name some religious places in Surat.
A. The Ambika Niketan Temple, ISKCON Temple, and Dargah Hazrat Khwaja Dana are some popular religious places in Surat.

Q. What are some attractions near Vadodara?
A. The Laxmi Vilas Palace, Mandvi Gate, and Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery are some attractions here.

Q. How far is the Clock Tower from Surat railway station (ST)?
A. The Clock Tower is around 2 km from the Surat railway station (ST).

Q. Which 3-star hotel would you recommend within 10 km of Surat Railway Station (ST) in Delhi?
A.  Embassy Hotel is a good 3-star hotel near Surat Railway Station (ST).

Q. What is a good family hotel near the Surat Railway Station (ST)?
A. One of the family hotels near Surat Railway Station (ST) is Hotel Relax Inn .

Q. Are there decent budget hotels in or around Vadodara?
A. Yes. Hotel Amber, Hotel Rahi, Hotel Kalyan, and Hotel Rainbow are some budget hotels in Vadodara.

Q. What are some cheap hotels in Ahmedabad?
A. Hotel Miracle, Hotel Tushar, and Hotel Shiv Sagar Palace are some cheap hotels in Ahmedabad.

Q. Would you recommend Budget Inn Bellevue as a good option to stay with family?
A. Yes. It is a good family hotel.

Q. Name some 3-star hotels near Dutch Garden?
A. Lords Plaza and Tex Palazzo Hotel are some 3-star hotels near Dutch Garden.

Q. Is there any cheap hotel near Surat Railway Station (ST)?
A. Yes. Asha Guest House, Hotel Imperial, and Hotel Jewels are some cheap hotels near Surat ST Railway Station (ST).

Q. Can you tell me the names of some budget hotels near Surat Railway Station (ST)?
A. Hotel Sarita, Hotel RB Residency, and Hotel Suncity are some budget hotels near Surat Railway Station (ST).

Q. Which 5-star hotel is near Surat Railway Station (ST) in Surat?
A. The Gateway Hotel Athwalines Surat is the nearest 5-star hotel to Surat railway station (ST) .

Q. What are the most popular hotels near Surat Railway Station (ST)?
A. Hotel Central Excellency, Hotel Stay Inn, and Lords Plaza are some popular hotels in Surat.