vadodara to surat Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from vadodara to surat 73 Trains
Distance from vadodara to surat By Train: 129 Km
Fastest Train from vadodara to surat : KCVL SGNR EXP(06312)
Slowest Train from vadodara to surat : DDR BHUJ SPL(09115)

Vadodara Jn to Surat Train Tickets

As a means of transport, 119 trains are available from Vadodara to Surat that run within Gujarat. The trains run along the cities of and Bharuch. Surat is known as the textile hub or the 'Silk City' of India. A clear sky can be expected in Surat, where people experience a temperature of 31°C during the day which can drop to 23°C at night.

Mumbai Rajdhani is the fastest train that runs along this route covering a distance of 129 kms in 01 hours and 24 mins. In terms of train availability, it is a good option as it runs daily. This train can be boarded from Vadodara Jn at 03:34 which reaches 04:58 on the same day. Ahmedabad Pass is the slowest train for this route reaching the destination in 04 hours and 10 mins. Unlike the fastest train, it passes through the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Considering the travel time, boarding Kutch Express would be convenient as it reaches Surat at 07:00. Bdts AC S F EXP is the earliest train leaving at 00:11 while Goldn Temple ML is the last train departing at 23:03 for Surat.

Almost all the trains between Vadodara and Surat pass through Bharuch Jn and Ankleshwar Jn stations.Some trains like HW Bdts SF EXP, HW BL SUP EXP, Bdts AC S F EXP, Gujarat Mail, Aravali Express and more run directly between Vadodara Jn and Surat. To avoid local travel hassle one may choose Bdts AC S F EXP, NZM Bdts RAJ SPL, Indb Pune EXP, BVC Bdts Expres, Bdts Garib Rath, Mumbai Rajdhani, Surat Express, AII Puri EXP, Bhuj Dadar EXP, Gimb Puri EXP, BKN DDR SF EXP, JP Bdts SUP EXP, BKN SC EXP, JHS Bdts EXP, ADI Chennai EXP, NZM TVC SF EXP, MFP ST Express, Vivek Express, Bgkt SBC Expres, Rameswaram EXP, PBR Howrah EXP, Okha Puri EXP, Maru Sagar EXP, JP Pune SF EXP, Goldn Temple ML and BVC Kakinada EX, as these trains run between Vadodara and Surat without taking any halts.

Few kms away from Surat, one can explore Daman.

About Vadodara Jn to Surat Train Routes

The rail route between Vadodara Junction (BRC) and Surat Junction (ST) connects smaller towns and cities in Gujarat. The trains either halt or pass through Vishvamitra(VS), Makarpura(MPR), Varnama(VRM), Itola(ITA), Varediya (VRE) and the Panoli (PAO) train stations.

Popular Trains on the Route

Two of the popular trains that run on this route are Mumbai Rajdhani and Ahmedabad Passenger. The Mumbai Rajdhani runs on all days from the Vadodara Jn to Surat Jn. It departs from Vadodara at 0334 hours and arrives the next day to Surat at 0458 hours.The train has no stoppage between these stations.

The Ahmedabad Passenger starts from Vadodara at 0239 hours and reaches Surat at 0645 hours on the next day. The train runs daily. 

Average Fare for Vadodara Junction (BRC) to Surat Junction (ST) Train Tickets

  • The regular ticket fares on the Mumbai Rajdhani are Rs 1405 for 1AC, Rs. 845 for a 2AC ticket, and Rs 615 for a 3AC ticket. There is no sleeper coach on this train.
  • The fare on the Ahmedabad Passenger train is Rs100 in the sleeper coach. There is no other coach in this train.
  • There could be some discounts for children and senior citizens. 

Popular hotels near Surat Junction (ST) railway station

The Gateway Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Surat and is located at a distance of 9.2 from the Surat train station. The other popular hotels close to Surat station are Grand Bhagwati (14.9 Kms), Ginger Hotel Surat (11.7 Kms), Lords Plaza Surat(14.9 Kms) and Budget Inn Bellevue(1.2kms).

Popular attractions near Surat Junction (ST) railway station

Surat is a tier 2 city in Gujarat. Popular places to visit in Surat are ISKCON Temple, Ambika Niketan Temple, Gopi Talav, Chintamani Jain Temple and Sarthana National Park.


Q. Which is the fastest train on this route?

A. The Mumbai Rajdhani express travels at an average speed of 91.2/h, and this is the fastest train on the Vadodara Jn (BRC) and Surat Jn (ST) route. The train takes an hour and a half to reach the station.

Q. Which train takes the longest time to reach Surat Junction (ST) from Vadodara Junction (BRC)?

A. The Ahmedabad Passenger takes the longest time to reach Surat from Vadodara. The total travel time is 04 hours and 10minutes.

Q. How do I cancel a Vadodara Junction (BRC) to Surat Junction (ST) train reservation?

A. To cancel a Vadodara Junction (BRC) - Surat Junction (ST) train reservation, you should log into the IRCTC website using your username and password. Then click on the "Counter Ticket Cancellation "which can be seen at the top right corner of the page.

Q. How many trains ply between Vadodara Junction (BRC) and Surat Junction (ST)?

A. Presently, 160 trains operate between Vadodara Junction (BRC) and Surat Junction (ST).

Q. Which are the key stations on this route?

A. Some key stations on the Vadodara Junction (BRC) to Surat Junction (ST) route are Ankleshwar (AKV) and Panoli(PAO).

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