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About Varanasi City Railway Station

Culture, Heritage and Religion aptly defines the city of Varanasi (also known as Benaras, Banaras and Kashi). Varanasi Junction BSB or the Varanasi Cantt Railway Station ranks 30 among the busiest railway stations of India. Opened in 1998 by then Railway Minister Nitish Kumar, the Varanasi Cantt Railway Station is known for its modern route interlock system with automated signaling system. The administration of the Varanasi Cantt Railway Station is equally divided between Lucknow Division of the Northern Railway Zone and Varanasi Division of the North Eastern Railway Zone. It has also been included in the World Class Railway Station development project.

Trains Departing from Varanasi Junction to Other Stations

Situated in the Cantonment area, The Varanasi Junction BSB witnesses a footfall of around 3.5 million on its 9 platforms. More than 250 trains pass from including 170 halting, 46 originating and 47 terminating trains.

Trains to Top Pilgrimage Sites: Varanasi Cantt Railway Station sets out 6 trains to Jammu Tawi for devotees going to Vaishno Devi. There are 13 trains to Haridwar, 10 trains for the Golden Temple in Amritsar, 3 trains to Jagannath Puri in the south and 8 trains to Shirdi.

Trains to Metro Cities: There are 104 trains departing from Varanasi to Patna. A total of 80 trains reach Delhi while 32 trains connect Varanasi and Mumbai. There are six for Chennai and 46 trains to Kolkata.

Popular Trains

There are several popular trains which are preferred by travelers for their speed, hygiene, meals-on-the-wheels and overall experience. Here is a list of some of the most popular trains.

• Kashi Vishwanath Express connects Varanasi Cantt Railway Station with New Delhi Junction.
• Varanasi-Mumbai LTT Superfast Express links Varanasi Junction BSB to Mumbai.
• Bsb Okha Superfast Express connects Varanasi Junction BSB with Okha in Gujarat.
• Bhrigu Superfast Express links Varanasi Cantt Railway Station with Ballia in Eastern UP.
• Akal Takht Superfast Express is a passing train from Varanasi Junction BSB and connects with Amritsar.

Different Railway Stations in Varanasi
There are several other railway stations in Varanasi, namely:

• Manduadih Railway Station
• Varanasi City Railway Station
• Kashi Railway Station
• Mughalsarai Junction Railway Station

Popular Places Near Varanasi Junction BSB Railway Station

You can feel the verve and sanctity of the city near Varanasi Cantt Railway Station as well. The very famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple is at a distance of 3.1 Km. You can attend a Ganga aarti on the bank of the Ganga in the evening; the ghats being only 10-15 minutes away from the station. The popular ghats like Assi Ghat and Manikarnika Ghat are also in the radius of 3.5 Km. The Sarnath Temple, a symbol of peace is 7 Km from the Varanasi station and is a popular destination for history lovers. Do not forget to dig into mouth-watering aloo-sabzi and Kachori at one of the local carts. It is also a good place for you to pick up a Banarasi Saree from the nearby market, which is about 2.8 Km away.