Vibhuti Express 12333 Train

Vibhuti Express 12333 started operations in September 2003. It originates at the Howrah station in Kolkata and has Allahabad railway station as its last stop. Well-known for its cleanliness and safety, this train follows a critical route through four major states, including Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh.
The Vibhuti Express 12333 train has a maximum operable speed of 110 km/hr. It passes through 220 intermediate stations and halts at 28 stations, which include Asansol, Jasidih, Patna, Mughal Sarai, and Varanasi amongst others. The train covers a total distance of 882 km on its way.

Vibhuti Express is one of the superfast trains traveling from Howrah to Allahabad. It has both A/C and non-A/C, well-maintained coaches to gift passengers with a smooth and relaxed journey. The train scores high on cleanliness and safety aspects.

• It is a superfast train and operates on all days. Thus, availability of tickets is not a concern in most cases.
• Since the train route includes stoppages at West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh, it helps connect passengers across four states.
• Although there isn’t a pantry car in the train, onboard catering facility as well as pre-ordered e-catering facility are available. You can choose from a wide assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
• The coaches have charging ports for the passengers to charge their electronic devices like mobiles and laptops.

The Vibhuti Express 12333 train has a total of 19 coaches, including one A/C 2-tier, three A/C 3-tier, two Sleeper-cum-Luggage Rake (SLR), nine sleeper, and four non A/C unreserved coaches.
It operates on all days of the week, departing at 8:00 PM from Howrah and arriving at Allahabad railway station at 12 noon on the second day.

The train’s average operating speed is 55 km/hour. It travels for 16 hours on its route to reach Allahabad railway station.

One of the ancient pilgrimage centers, commonly referred to as Prayag in the olden days, Allahabad is a city located in the southern part of Uttar Pradesh. Once you are in Allahabad, you must plan to visit some of the popular attractions of the city, which include the historic Allahabad Fort, Khusro Bagh, Chandrashekhar Azad Park, and the Triveni sangam. Saraswati Ghat, Ulta Qila, Allahabad Museum, Patalpuri Temple, and Nagvasuki Mandir are a few other must-see places in this magnificent city.


Q. What is the route of Vibhuti Express?
A. The route of Vibhuti Express 12333 is Howrah station in Kolkata to Allahabad railway station.

Q. How long does the train take to reach its destination?
A. The train takes 16 hours to reach the destination.

Q. What is the price range of tickets for Vibhuti Express?

• Sleeper coach Rs.460
• A/C 3-tier Rs.1216
• A/C 2-tier Rs.1,734

The prices for children and the senior citizens may vary.

Q. What are the key stations along this train route?
A. Barddhaman, Asansol, Jasidih, Patna, Mughal Sarai, and Varanasi are the key stations on the Howrah-Allahabad route.

Q. What is the name and code of the origin station for this train?
A. The origin station of the train is Howrah station with code HWH.

Q. What is the name and code of the final station for this train?
A. The destination station of the train is Allahabad railway station. Its code is ALY.

Q. Does this train run regularly?
A. Yes. This is a daily train operating on all days of the week.

Q. What is the most unique feature of Vibhuti Express?
A. The Vibhuti Express 12333 train is a superfast train running from Howrah to Allahabad on an everyday basis.