vijayawada to shirdi Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from vijayawada to shirdi 3 Trains
Distance from vijayawada to shirdi By Train: 1054 Km
Fastest Train from vijayawada to shirdi : SNSI VSKP EXP(18504)
Slowest Train from vijayawada to shirdi : SNSI BZA EXP(17207)

Vijayawada Jn to Sainagar Shirdi Train Tickets

To reach Shirdi, 3 trains are available from the city of Vijayawada. The route includes travel through the states of Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and more. The sky will remain clear for a few days. During the day, people of Shirdi experience a temperature of 23°C which can drop to 11°C at night. Shirdi has derived its name from the tamil word 'Seeradi' which means the Foot of Prosperity.

Of all the trains between Vijayawada and Shirdi, Vskp Snsi EXP is the fastest train covering a distance of 1051 kms in 20 hours and 55 mins. Unfortunately, it is available only on Thu. This train can be boarded from Vijayawada Jn at 15:20 which reaches 12:15 on the next day. The slowest of all the trains on this route is COA Snsi EXP, taking 22 hours and 48 mins to cover 1126 kms. Taking an alternate route, it passes through the states of Karnataka and Haryana.

Secunderabad Jn, Warangal and Manmad Jn are major stations in this route and most trains pass through them.A total of 3 trains run directly between Vijayawada Jn and Sainagar Shirdi which include BZA Snsi EXP, COA Snsi EXP and Vskp Snsi EXP.

Secunderabad Jn station provides food facilities which can be utilised, when Vskp Snsi EXP stops there for 30 mins. BZA Snsi EXP is the earliest train for this route leaving at 10:30 while the last train is Vskp Snsi EXP that departs at 15:20 from Vijayawada.