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About Visakhapatnam Railway Station

Visakhapatnam Railway Station (VSKP) is located on the Howrah-Chennai main line. Originally known as Waltair Station, it is the largest railway station under east coast railway in the category of A1 stations. Visakhapatnam Railway Station has also been ranked first in terms of cleanliness among the other stations of A1 category and the station generally sees a footfall of around 25000 people on a daily basis. The station has some good food outlets, sufficient clean restrooms, and waiting rooms.

Trains Departing from Visakhapatnam to Other Stations

The numbers of trains halting at Visakhapatnam Railway Station is 135. Also, 52 trains originate from here and 53 trains terminate at this station. The station has a total of 8 platforms. Visakhapatnam Railway Station is one of the cleanest railways stations in India.

Trains to Top Pilgrimage Sites:

Simhachalam, Srisailam, Tirupati, and Puri are some of the well-known pilgrim centers nearby and are directly connected to Visakhapatnam Railway Station with a number of trains. Around 29 trains connect the station to Simhachalam station, out of which the Tirupati-Puri Express is one of the fastest. Akshardham, a famous pilgrim center in Noida, has over 21 trains from Visakhapatnam VSKP Railway Station, out of which Chennai Central - Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express is the fastest. Amaravati Express and 64 other trains connect VSKP Railway Station to the abode of Lord Jagannath in Puri. Dwarka, home to the ancient realms of Lord Krishna, can be reached through the Dwarka Express from VSKP Railway Station. Howrah-Kannyakumari Vivekananda Rock Weekly Chain is the fastest train that takes you to the famous pilgrim center at Kanyakumari, directly from Visakhapatnam Railway Station.

Trains to Metros Cities:

Visakhapatnam VSKP Railway Station has 78 chains and 5 long-distance trains to Delhi. The station has 18 long-distance trains and 37 chain trains to Bangalore, 35 long-distance trains and 16 chains to Kolkata, and 30 long-distance and 29 chain trains to Chennai.

Popular Trains:

The Duronto Express from Visakhapatnam VSKP Railway Station is known for its cleanliness and speed. The Garib Rath Express offers air-conditioned travel at fair rates for the less privileged lot to experience the upper-class travel. The Godavari Express, one of the most prestigious trains of the South-Central Railway, is one of the best trains between Visakhapatnam Railway Station and Secunderabad. The VSKP NDLS APEXP (22415), operating 7 times a week, is a popular train to New Delhi.

Visakhapatnam - Secunderabad AC Duronto Express links Visakhapatnam VSKP Railway Station to Secunderabad.
Godavari SF Express connects Visakhapatnam Railway Station to Hyderabad.
Visakhapatnam - Secunderabad Garib Rath Express connects Visakhapatnam VSKP Railway Station to Secunderabad.
VSKP LTT Express (18519) connects Visakhapatnam Railway Station to Mumbai.

Popular Places Near Visakhapatnam Railway Station

There are many attractions near Visakhapatnam Railway Station. Visit the famous INS Kurusura Submarine Museum, an invigorating place, located around 6 km away from VSKP Railway Station. The Kailasa Giri with its beautiful sculpture and park is a must-see attraction near the station at around 13 km with a travel time of 30 minutes approximately. Rama Krishna Beach is the most famous beach of Visakhapatnam, which is just 4 km away from the station. VUDA Park from Visakhapatnam Railway Station is only 6 km away from the station.


1. How many inter-state stations are there in Visakhapatnam?
There are around 4 inter-state railway stations in Visakhapatnam.
2. What are the names and codes of different stations in Visakhapatnam?
Here are names and codes of the main stations in Visakhapatnam:
• Duvvada Railway Station - DVD
• Simhachalam Railway Station - SCM
• Anakapalle Railway Station - AKP
• Visakhapatnam Railway Station - VSKP
3. What are the top train routes from Visakhapatnam railway station?
Visakhapatnam station to Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam station to Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam station to Bhubaneswar, Visakhapatnam station to New Delhi, and VSKP railway station to Chennai, Visakhapatnam station to Bangalore are some of the top train routes from here.
4. Which city has maximum trains connecting it to Visakhapatnam railway station?
Secunderabad is one of the cities having the maximum number of trains to and from Visakhapatnam VSKP Railway Station.
5. Which is the fastest train originating from Visakhapatnam railway station?
The Visakhapatnam - Secunderabad AC Duronto Express is one of the fastest trains originating from Visakhapatnam railway station.
6. Which train originating from Visakhapatnam railway station, covers the longest route?
The 18501 Vishakhapatnam Gandhidham Weekly Express covering 2110 km is one of the trains originating from Visakhapatnam railway station which covers the longest route.
7. How many trains originate from Visakhapatnam railway station?
There are 51 trains that originate from Visakhapatnam railway station.
8. Does Visakhapatnam have flight connectivity?
Yes, Visakhapatnam does have flight connectivity. The Visakhapatnam Airport connects the city of Visakhapatnam to other major cities.