bengaluru to ahmedabad Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from bengaluru to ahmedabad 7 Trains
Distance from bengaluru to ahmedabad By Train: 1555 Km
Fastest Train from bengaluru to ahmedabad : OKHA TN SPL(09568)
Slowest Train from bengaluru to ahmedabad : SBC FESTIVAL SPL(06533)

Yesvantpur Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Train Tickets

Indian Railways operate 11 trains between the capital of Karnataka and Ahmedabad. The route includes travel through the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and more. A clear sky can be expected in Ahmedabad, where people experience a temperature of 23°C during the day which can drop to 11°C at night. Ahmedabad was declared as India’s first UNESCO world Heritage city.

SBC Jodhpur EXP is the slowest train for this route reaching the destination in 37 hours and 55 mins. It takes an alternate route passing through the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Covering a distance of 1555 kms in 28 hours and 50 mins, Vivek EXP is the fastest among all the trains that run along this route. Unfortunately, it is available only on Mon. It departs from Krishnarajapurm at 11:15 and reaches Ahmedabad Jn at 16:05 on the next day.

Almost all the trains between Bengaluru and Ahmedabad pass through Vadodara Jn, Surat and Lonavala stations.YPR BKN EXP, Barmer AC EXP, Ahmadabad EXP, Garib Nawaz EXP, SBC Jodhpur EXP and more run directly between Yesvantpur Jn and Ahmedabad Jn.

If you board YPR BKN EXP, you can buy your lunch from station canteen as it halts at Surat for 10 mins and at Vadodara Jn for 10 mins. YPR BKN EXP is the earliest train for this route leaving at 05:00 while the last train is Jodhpur Express that departs at 21:50 from Bengaluru.

Sabarmati Ashram, Rajpath Club, Sabarmati River Front, Kankaria Lake and Vastrapur Lake are major attractions worth visiting in Ahmedabad.