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Indian Railways

Find out about the popular trains that connect Indian cities with one another. What makes these trains popular, the facilities they offer, their hygiene standards and timeliness, together will give you a perspective about whether or not it serves the purpose of your journey. Find all information about Indian Railways. Check PNR Status, Train Running Status, All Trains Status, Seat Availability, Train Time Table, Trains Between Stations & more..

The Indian Railways (IR) is the fourth-largest railway network in the world - in terms of size, its total track length being 1,21,407 kilometer. It operates more than 13,000 passenger trains on a daily basis. It is currently the 8th-largest employer in the world, with more than 1.3 million employees (as of March 2017). The IR is divided into a total of 17 different zones and is further classified into 68 sub-divisions. There are around 15 main types of trains in India that are operated by the Indian Railways. Some of the most popular ones are talked about here. The Duronto Express, which is a non-stop full AC train, having a top speed of 150 km/hr. Passenger trains, which are inter-city trains and have the maximum number of stops. They are economical as well. The Rajdhani Express, a group of superfast trains, which have minimal stops and an average speed of about 140 km/hr. Rajdhani trains are fully air-conditioned. The Garib Rath, which is a low-fare fully air-conditioned long-distance train. The Shatabdi Express, which are superfast chair car only trains that return to the originating station on the same day of departure. They are air-conditioned too.

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