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Things to do in bangkok

Thailand’s capital city and a thriving metropolis, Bangkok captures popular imagination like no other city in the world. The place is pulsing with high spirits and assures exciting activities to do in Bangkok. The place radiates energy from the numerous backpackers that stopover here before heading out to one of the island districts, the compulsive shopper who think it a haven for bargain hunting, the foodie who lives to spend another night of binging at the street markets, and the friendly locals who welcome tourists with open arms. Bangkok is simply vivacious - not just in its being the epicenter of nightlife, but also for its ornate shrines, colorful floating markets, lively cafes and restaurants and a bustling street life. Sightseeing is one of the best things to do in Bangkok. You can visit the beautiful Grand Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew Temple, also the Wat Pho Temple home to the gigantic reclining Buddha, and the popular Wat Arun Temple characterized by the Khmer-inspired spires and a steep fleet of stairs.

Activities in Bangkok

Bangkok is a fascinating maze of sky-scrappers that share space with gold-plated spires of Buddhist temples, hypermarkets, mega malls, heritage village homes, neon-lit notorious adult clubs, street hawkers, charming restaurants and cafes and a whirling traffic that is any day slower than the long-tail boats the float up the royal river. If you want to quench your thirst for Thai Food then exploring food places is one of the not to be missed things to do in Bangkok. For food lovers, this place is paradise! There are so many places to eat here, and Thai cuisine is so vivid and loaded with sweet, spicy, hot, salty and tangy flavors. Try out an array of freshly prepared seafood with noodles, rice and some interesting crunchy elements. For a sense of its dramatic nightlife, taking the BTS or Skytrain to Sukhumvit is amongst the fun activities in Bangkok.

Amongst other top things to do in Bangkok, you can plan a visit to the districts of Chinatown or Banglamphu to get feel of its local life, the thriving street-eating scene, the city’s unabashed love of food, and how daily life is conducted on the very streets. Forever heaving with tourists despite a sultry weather, there is a certain charm to Bangkok - an edginess, a spirit that is indomitable.