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Things to do in hong kong

A global financial hub with an iconic skyline, Hong Kong is an autonomous territory, also an erstwhile British colony, in Southeastern China. Shopping is what most people have in mind when they plan a trip to Hong Kong. And surely, this is the place for high-street fashion and even hunting some cheap bargains. Shop for knives, Chinese gowns, electronics, there is something for every budget. Take time out to explore the country’s neighborhoods and islands, a veritable array of historical structures, a bustling harbor, sky-scrappers, chic boutiques, charming cafes and shopping districts. Ride the iconic double-decker tram, visit Hong Kong’s lush country parks also home to some rare bird and plant species, or simply soak up the panorama the harbor opens up. Did you know Hong Kong’s transport system is one of the world’s smoothest?

There are so many activities in Hong Kong you can indulge in such as a visit to the Sung Dynasty village where time stands still. Marvel at its unique heritage structures, visit the wax museum to get a sense of the ethnicity and culture of the village, and stop by at a local cafe for a cup of tea and some cakes. Kayaking is a fun activity in Hong Kong you can sign up for. Camp in remote beaches and in the day kayak your way through volcanic caves and arches. Kayaking enthusiasts particularly love the Basalt Island for the narrow cliff openings and the dramatic scenery it unfolds. The sea is actually a stunning maze of volcanic rock formations that are a result of a volcano eruption some 140 million years ago.

A land of diverse cuisine, Hong Kong offers you the finest in French, Japanese, Cantonese and Sichuanese at its many chic cafes, prim restaurants and even bustling street markets. An important foodie destination, Hong Kong is among the world’s top gourmet destinations where savoring a bowl of wanton noodles with some seafood dim sum, or freshly grilled prawns with chili garlic sauce can tingle you with joy. Don’t miss out Hong Kong’s famous warm pineapple bun slathered with butter - the locals can’t resist it. Among things to do in Hong Kong, you have a calender full of music and film festivals, aside from poetry slams, Chinese opera and a horde of interesting stage shows at its numerous concert halls and museums.