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Things to do in krabi

Southern Thailand’s beach destination, Krabi is about 800 kilometers from Bangkok. A landscape symbolized by towering limestone karsts protruding from a turquoise sea and white sand beaches. The island district is further split into multiple smaller islands which includes the more popularly visited, and perhaps the most pristine, Koh Lanta and Phi Phi. Swarming with tropical fish, bright coral gardens and curious sea creatures, your time snorkeling or diving will be extremely rewarding in these waters. The beaches are soft, feather-like, to touch and warm enough to lounge on and catch up on some reading, or simply get a nice tan. There is no end to the fun activities in Krabi you can pursue. From island hopping, bathing in thermal springs, floating on a blue lagoon, elephant safari, scuba diving to snorkeling - you will experience absolute bliss in Krabi’s pristine surroundings.

Cruise the emerald waters in a speed boat to the Phi Phi Island and you will be in a truly breathtaking setting of gigantic limestone cliffs with sparse vegetation jutting out of a quiet sea, secret coves, white beaches surrounded by dense palm groves. Krabi is a unique landscape of land, hills, sea, sand, rivers and jungles. While you have the typical coastal scenery on one hand complete with dramatic cliffs, as you travel into its core you will stumble into plantations of cashew, coffee and coconut crisscrossed by creeks and rivers. Among several activities in Krabi, you must take off on a kayaking trip through Klong Talen’s mangrove forests. An elephant safari is another way of doing it. Ride a giant elephant with your partner and pass through jungles and rivers to get a feel of the rainforest from up close. Birding lovers will find this activity an absolute delight as the jungles are home to several rare species of birds.

There are so many things to do in Krabi, for instance, you can drive into the Klong Thom District popularly visited for its hot water spring. The waters are between 38 to 42 degree Celsius and offer a stunning setting for a refreshing swim. A brief trek further will bring you to the Emerald Lagoon, whose waters are so clear that you can see all the way till the bottom. Take a dip, soak up some sun, and not to mention, take lots of pictures. Your Krabi vacation will be full of surprises.