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Things to do in pattaya

A 160 kilometer to the south of Bangkok, Pattaya is a resort city in Thailand known for its crystalline coastline and warm beaches ideal to soak up some sun and unwind with a book. Until as recently as the ‘60s, Pattaya was a quiet fishing village before rapid commerce took over with the sprouting of numerous sky-scrapping hotels, rambling villas, colossal condos, casinos, shopping malls and cabaret bars. Today Pattaya receives tourists in throngs from all over the world at almost all times of the year.

There are so many activities to do in Pattaya. Begin by visiting its iconic Wat Phra Yai temple on the hillside known for its golden Buddha statue standing 18-meter tall. Golfing enthusiasts can hit the high-end golf courses in the area, they offer a grand vista of the Pattaya Bay. The mega shopping malls are also a major draw for tourists, as are the international restaurants serving the best in global and Thai cuisine.

North Pattaya is mostly about upscale neighborhoods and plush resorts, it is mostly in south that the nightclubs and pubs are concentrated at. While the Pattaya coastline is extremely busy, you might still find some peace and quiet at the Naklua beach in the north with a more pristine bar of sand and swanky resorts at Wong Amat. Fun activities in Pattaya too come in abundance. If you wish to explore the colorful marine life, go snorkeling at the little islet of Ko Samae San which has a virgin stretch of sand and wonderful opportunities to snorkel. This place is about 35 kilometer south of Pattaya. Sightseeing attractions in Pattaya are plenty; for starters, the Sanctuary of Truth, the wholly wooden structure is a sight to behold. Stretching out on the ocean front, this religious shrine is made in four wings each dedicated to Khmer, Chinese, Thai and Indian religious symbols. A fitting tribute to hand-hewn woodwork by artisans, the structure is also a cultural symbol of Thailand. For more fun activities, plan a short day trip to Ko Lan, about 7 kilometer from central Pattaya. Its five beaches are host to swarms of tourists particularly on weekends who take to the water in banana boats or simply swim in its aquamarine waters. Pattaya may well be overrated, but its infectious energy is what gives it its distinct character.