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Things to do in phuket

Thailand’s largest island on the Andaman Sea with mountains and a dense rainforest cover, Phuket is a lively beach destination with transparent waters and a silvery coastline. A quintessential beach getaway for any holidaymaker to Thailand, this resort city is home to some of the plush seaside hotels and villas, aside from a great line-up of restaurants and nightclubs. Phuket City’s popular resort town, Patong is the epicenter for the city’s nightlife. This area has the best in pubs, discotheques and bars. Phuket was an erstwhile trading route between India and China with traders from France, Denmark, Portugal and England landing here. This explains its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the bearing it has on the cuisine, culture and entertainment options. Filled with fun activities on the beach and in the waters, Phuket easily draws maximum tourists to Thailand.

Dubbed the ‘pearl of Andaman’, this place is ideal for those looking to get some sunshine and sand. Despite all the activity on the beach and the noise surrounding its notorious nightclubs, of late Phuket has earned itself the reputation as a cultural capital with an evolving art and music scene. But if you are looking for quietude while you unwind on the sands and read a book, head to Rawai on the southern tip - the place is serene and laid-back. But around are some fantastic seafood restaurants also dishing out authentic Thai recipes. Among activities to do in Phuket, plenty of holidaymakers prefer the western beaches of Kata and Karon. Once you have had your fill of sun and sand, explore the lush wilderness of this rainforest island with a trip to Khao Phra Thaew reserve and Sirinat National Park. The park is home to some exotic flora and fauna, and can be a haven for birding enthusiasts.

While Phuket gets its share of backpackers, don’t mistake it to be a backpacker’s den, for the options to splurge on luxurious accommodation, exclusive spas treatments, one-off pieces of fashion, and of course tucking into an elaborate 8-course menu, are dizzying. Indulge in fun activities in Phuket that range from deep sea diving, snorkeling, shopping, dining out, to simply lazing on the beach, there won’t be one dull moment here