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Things to do in barcelona

For architecture lovers there isn’t another place on earth quite like this Spanish coastal city basking under the Iberian sun. Barcelona with its gorgeous promenades along the Mediterranean Sea, its sunny street-side cafes, architectural marvels by the legendary Antonio Gaudi, and a top notch dining out scene, makes it extremely popular with holidaymakers who’d like to some sun and a dose of history. There are a variety of fun activities in Barcelona you can sign up for such as a kayaking or paddle-boarding excursion, or even go on a sunset cruise and experience the stunning lights of the city come to life from the waters. Adventure activities in Barcelona are quite popular with hiking lovers. The lush wilderness of the Collserola Hills is great for hikes and even mountain biking. You can explore the botanical and sculpture gardens at Montjuic on the hilltop, it is a beautiful secluded place offering grand panoramic views of the city, outside of being home to a museum and an ancient castle.

The city has long been an inspiration for artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro to name a few, and a visitor can sample the best of their works across its host of museums. With architectural relics from as early as 2000 years ago to the Middle Ages, an amble down the cobblestone streets of the gothic quarter opens up handsome plazas and cathedrals. But it is the city’s most loved artist Antonio Gaudi whose intricate, whimsical creations surround and loom over the city-scape, the most popular one being the Sagrada Familia cathedral which is thronged by tourists at any time of the year. After a sightseeing tour of Barcelona, de-stress with a sundowner at a rooftop bar with a sweeping view of the city. It is that time of the day when the city drowns in music across its several clubs, bars, and concert halls that bring out the finest bands offering a bouquet of jazz, indie-rock, rock, pop progressing into a flamenco performance.

The simple and robust flavors of traditional Catalan cooking entice foodies from all over the world to Barcelona, for the city is home to chefs who are masters in this form of cooking while also extending their repertoire in modern European cooking including molecular gastronomy. Sit down for a seafood paella at a street cafe, or go to the tapas bars dotting the city for delectable tapas platters and inexpensive wine. The city also has some of the finest in coffee, chocolate and seafood, leaving you with a zillion options for eating out.