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Things to do in cairo

The quaint Egyptian capital set against the mighty Nile is a timeless tale on mummies, ancient pyramids, palm-dotted neighborhoods and a vibrant culture. For history lovers, Cairo is an absolute paradise, the land of the Pyramids of Giza that go back to the 26th Century BC. Among places to visit in Cairo, you must stop by at the Tahrir Square, the site of the recent uprising, and then proceed to the magnanimous Egyptian Museum to peruse through the collection of royal mummies and gilded artifacts from King Tutankhamun’s era. Not pretending the fact that you are in Cairo to predominantly see the pyramids and the Great Sphinx, you must head straight out to Giza, the ancient site of the iconic pyramids. Discover the mystery behind their unique shape, how and why they were built nearly 4000 years ago. A fun activity to do in Giza would be a camel ride at sunset with the pyramids looming in the background. The experience is surreal.

There are several places to visit in Cairo, and among them is a trip to the lush Gezira Island and soak up its vibrant scenery. Climb atop the iconic 187 meter tall Cairo Tower and behold a sweeping panorama of the city. It is no secret that Cairo’s streets are noisy, polluted and humming with traffic, but to experience Egyptian street life you need to walk about, stop by at its Sheesha parlors, pick up some local knickknacks and soak up the frenzy of daily life. Among things to do in Cairo, plan a visit to the Al-Azhar Mosque that was built in 972AD, an architectural specimen from Cairo’s Fatimid era.

Now if you are looking to buy some exotic rugs or perfume Egypt is known for, look no beyond Khan el-Khalili. A typical souk, Khan el-Khalili was set up in 1400AD and is always teeming with silversmith, artisans, and hawkers selling souvenirs, jewelry, stoles, gemstone studded jewelry boxes, lampshades, woven textiles and a range of antiques. For a dose of exotic spices, go down the Al-Muski Street and further to the Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Street. But a trip to Cairo is incomplete without paying your respects at its landmark coffee shop, Fishawis. You can smell the aroma of freshly ground coffee from a distance. Always running to capacity, savor a strong cup of Arabic coffee, or sweet tea, with some handmade cookies here and catch up with the locals.