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Things to do in chengdu

The mesmerizing city of Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan province in southwest China. Chengdu dates back to the 4 century BC and is today the third largest city in China, population wise. A global city, it serves as an eminent center of economics, culture, finance, communication and transport, in western China and has the 30th active airport in the world.

There are many places to visit in Chengdu. Visit the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and see the pandas at their bubbly best. Bathe in alluring beauty of Mount Qingcheng or visit the New Century Global Center, a multipurpose building that has the largest number of floors in the world. The People’s Park is a verdant valley dotted with museums and cafes and makes for an ideal picnic spot. The ostentatious Anshun Bridge is another beautiful attraction and is also a famous eating spot in the city. Other things to do in Chengdu will take you through the Jin Li Street which is a vibrant alley, lined with famous eateries along with the Wangjianglou Park that’s dedicated to a Tang dynasty poet named Xue Tao and looks mesmeric when lit up at dusk. Get lost in the rustic charm of the ancient town of Luodai and admire the scenic landscape of Pingle Ancient Town.

History buffs will be delighted to see the The Chengdu Wuhou Shrine that dates back to 302 AD along with the beautiful Wengshu Monastery that exudes a mystical aura. Other activities in Chengdu take you to the lush green Chengdu Cultural Park and the Sichuan Opera that is home to amazing Chinese theatre and music. Marvel at the archaeological exhibits and the gorgeous architecture of the Monastery of Precious Light. The scenic complex of the Du Fu Thatched Cottage will leave you awestruck for it is set up in breathtaking environs, the site is a replica of the Chinese poet, Du Fu’s home and is a must see attraction.