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Things to do in miami

Florida’s southeastern tip, Miami isn’t called ‘Magic City’ for nothing. This flamboyant beach destination is what urban travelers associate with glamour, parties, fun and a spellbinding dose of sun and sand. With a crowded coastline, what with everyone wanting to catch the Miami tan, you can enjoy your time lounging on the sandy beaches, sipping a cocktail while watching the turquoise sea glitter in the sun before you. Everything about Miami spells glamour, and luxury. The Cuban influence over the city is unmistakable as you discover the cigar shops and cafes that dot Calle Ocho in Little Havana. One of its most sough-after addresses, the South Beach across the emerald waters of the Biscayne Bay is known for its pulsing nightclubs, art deco buildings, pristine sands and surf-side hotels. On a sightseeing tour of Miami, visit the swanky Lincoln Road, attend a poetry slam at a converted warehouse, spend an evening at karaoke bar and watch a bright orange sunset over the sea.

There are so many fun activities in Miami you can sign up for. The most interesting one being a cruise over the Biscayne Bay and an Everglades airboat ride. Appreciate the skyline of Miami as you get aboard a cruise liner and career across the waters of the Biscayne Bay. Your guide might even point out houses of popular Hollywood celebs as you go. If you haven’t ridden an airboat before, this adventure is going to be all the more fun as you ride through the Everglades National Park.

But among the other popular things to do in Miami is a food walk around South Beach. A melting pot of Latin American cultures, the beach resort is home to an eclectic range of eateries from gourmet five-stars to street-side cafes with larger portions and home-style cooking. But wherever you choose to eat, be assured you are going to be absolutely satiated. A cultural and food walk is a great way to understand the social fabric of Miami in terms of the communities that live here, and their influence on the city’s food and culture scene.