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Things to do in orlando

Home to some of the most fantastical theme parks, Orlando, a city in central Florida, is a magical world of Walt Disney Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, Harry Potter’s world of wizardry and a bevy of water parks. The city has a quiet pace and is beautifully tree-lined, with sprawling neighborhoods, a vibrant art and culture scene, overflowing gardens and an interesting lineup of museums. But among the fun activities in Orlando that tourists usually sign up for, theme parks have the highest recall.

Sightseeing in Orlando should include a trip to the Kennedy Space Center which offers you a virtual flight to the moon and back. Spend a day browsing the NASA facility, the Apollo Center, view rockets, their launch pads and find out how a shuttle is launched into space. End this with a luncheon with an astronaut. There are several things to do in Orlando; but a popular one is to ride a hot-air balloon at sunrise and experience the still beauty of the landscape in the early hours of the day. Drift over orchards, forests and the stunning waterways, and keep your camera handy all time. Post flight sip some Champagne and chow down delicious snacks. This will be the high-point of your Orlando visit aside from its many surreal theme parks.

How about doing something absolutely touristy and enjoying it? Buy admission tickets to the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye and enjoy bird’s eye view of the beautiful city from one of the world’s tallest observation wheels as you soar 400 feet over the ground in a transparent capsule. View the lakes, gardens, theme parks, the quiet localities and the Atlantic coast in the distance. While you ride the capsule learn simultaneously about the sights and the surrounding environment from the iPad provided to you as a part of the experience. Madame Tussauds Orlando is another place to visit if you can’t get enough of your celebrities.