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Things to do in porto

A picturesque coastal city in the north west of Portugal, Porto has a quaint Medieval heart crisscrossed by stately bridges, narrow cobblestone streets, a scenic river district, baroque churches and old-world cafes and pubs. Like a typical Portuguese city, Porto has its own port wine production, owing to which you get some of the most delicious port wine through its bars and pubs. Behold the charm of the Medieval riverside district called Ribeira where quaint cobbled streets wind their way past cozy cafes and beautiful Medieval houses. Among things to do in Porto, visit the photographic Sao Francisco Church and take in its sprawling baroque details and the embellished gilded carvings. You will also pass the colossal Palacio de Bolsa, an erstwhile stock market from the 19th century built to predominantly attract European investment.

From home style food to minimalist Michelin dishes, this bustling Portuguese city has it all. While there are chefs experimenting with modern Portuguese cuisine, you have a new crop of them fusing European with other international flavors to put the city on the global food map. Restaurant hopping and food shopping is a fun activity in Porto you should definitely pursue. You have here some of the liveliest food markets, bistros, family run taverns, retro cafes, and colorful pubs adding to its vibrant nightlife. The best part about Porto is, where ever you are you can always hear the river and smell the sea, and this adds to its atmospherics. Food lovers can sign up for a host of activities in Porto such as cookery classes, wine tasting at its port wine cellars, olive oil workshops, aside from food walks.

Porto is known for its sky-high lookouts, called Miradouros, for instance, you shouldn’t miss the view of this beautiful coastal city from the terrace of the Se Cathedral, as well as the Gaia’s hilltop Jardim do Morro. The soaring spires of the churches, the bell towers, to the tumble of beautiful Medieval buildings make it a photographer’s delight. On your Portuguese holiday, a popular place to visit in Porto is the massive Jardim do Palacio de Cristal with its beautifully palm-lined gardens speckled with fountains. Now for unhindered ocean views, walk up the coastal path from Foz to Matosinhos, and watch the seagulls rise and dip into the blue waters. The route is studded with bathing spots