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Things to do in rome

The 3000-year-old Italian capital, and a global hub for art, culture, architecture, history and religion, Rome’s cosmopolitan character is manifest in the ancient ruins that dot the city and the way it merges with the 21st century icons of steel and glass. On a sightseeing tour of Rome, experience the legacy of the Romans at the ruins of the stupendous Colosseum, one the Italy’s most photographed monuments, and the Roman Forum. There are so many activities in Rome you can sign up for to get a sense of its bloody history. Begin with a trip to the Pantheon, Roman Empire’s erstwhile hub, proceed to see the multiple catacombs that go back to the early days of Christianity. You will find so many beautiful church ruins from this period tucked away in remote crannies of the city.

Among things to do in Rome, a trip to the Vatican City is an absolute mandate. Explore the headquarters of the Catholic Church, see its many museums and spend some time gaping at the frescoes by Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel. Highest on your itinerary of Rome should be the magnificent St Peter’s Basilica, the city’s most iconic monument and a marvel of Renaissance architecture. Walk down its vibrant streets and discover the ‘eternal’ quality of the city as you pass by numerous ruins from its historical past, open-air cafes, modern-day structures, ornate piazzas, baroque houses, flowering neighborhoods and sprawling shopping districts among a whir of traffic. The artistic riches of Rome are many, from Michelangelo’s David among other sculptures, paintings by Caravaggio, fountains by Bernini, to frescoes by Raphael, add to it the looming dome of St Peter’s Basilica, you are transported to a world of art.

Aside from languishing at a street-side cafe, there are several fun activities in Rome you can pursue. Sit at a sunny piazza and read a book or amble down its picturesque streets, but in everything you do sampling the delicious cuisine the city offers is a must. Try the local rendition of veal with ham and sage or a pasta dish with sauce made of veal and pecorino cheese. Wash it down with some local wine. If anything, these cafes and restaurants offer ambiance in abundance, and are a great way to meet new people and take in the spirit of the city. Aside from that there are several fancy cocktail bars and night clubs which offer a thriving night-out scene, dish out great pizza treats and other local favorites.