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Things to do in split

Spalato in Italian, Split offers the splendid Dalmatian life and is also Croatia’s second largest city. Unlike the fantastical setting of Dubrovnik, this city along the glistening Dalmatian coast is well lived-in with its share of suburban apartment blocks that jostle for space with the old Roman walls. Discover the city’s heritage with a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage monument, the Diocletian’s Palace, a brilliant Roman structure. You will be surprised when you step inside, cloistered among the ancient walls are a clutch of cafes, bistros and pubs bustling with guests, serving out the local preparations, great coffee and wine. The atmospherics of this old place are worth soaking up, and you get a sense of the local life of Split.

A fun activity in Split is to trace the Dalmatian coast with the azure Adriatic Sea shining back at you while the coastal mountains offer a dramatic backdrop to its old fort walls and sparkling shoreline. While at this historical Croatian city, you can plan up a day trip to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site lining the sea. Composed of wooded trails, picturesque cobalt lakes, murmuring brooks and cascading waterfalls, the beauty of the Plitvice Lakes is best explored on a boat ride and capping it off with a scenic train ride. Crisscrossed with hiking trails, this glorious landscape is among a preferred things to do in Split.

There are several places to visit in Split, and on a walking tour you can cover its major landmarks such as the Diocletian’s Palace, the Golden Gate, Riva Harbour, and the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, to get a sense of the city’s 1700-year-old history. Architecture lovers can spend time marveling at Split’s generous share of baroque, Romanesque and Renaissance monuments. If you have a couple of days at hand, you are recommended a day trip to the oldest Croatian town, Sibenik along the Adriatic coast, and the lush Krka National Park. Ride a boat to Skradin where you can partake in some wine and cheese tasting. There are several adventure activities in Split you can sign up for such as a speedboat ride to Croatia’s Blue Caves and the six surrounding islands where opportunities to swim and snorkel in the lagoon galore.