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Food in Krabi

Surrounded by beautiful beaches and greenery, Krabi is a heaven situated in Thailand. Located near the major party hub, Pattaya, the place offers some of the best picturesque sights to its visitors. Krabi can leave people in awe with its beautiful sights and blue water. There are many islands surrounding the place where people can go by boat. The islands are truly sights to behold.

Krabi Food Tours

There are some places which offer the finest food in Krabi. These places will make you redefine your notion of Krabi food and will leave you with a delightful taste. Not only the best restaurants, the city offers many exciting food tours in Krabi.

Apart from Krabi food tours, you can taste some of the best dishes in Krabi while traveling on the sea. Go for one of the many cruises which offer you a ride from Krabi to different islands like Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island. On the way, be pampered with the most delicious food that you have ever relished. Enjoy the meal as you float in the middle of the sea.

Popular Krabi Food

Moreover, in order to learn the art of cooking the native dishes of the place, people can go for cooking classes. Krabi offers Thai cooking classes where you can learn about different flavors and spices. The classes will teach you everything, from choosing the best ingredients to the secret of obtaining certain flavors while cooking. You can also find these classes in Phi Phi Island, where the natives themselves will give you lessons on how to cook the best Thai meals. Some items that you can learn to cook are Curry Paste, Massaman Curry, Red Curry Chicken, Spicy Prawn Soup and Chicken Mint Salad among a variety of other dishes.