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Health and Wellness in Dubai

Dubai, the land of many firsts and exciting activities, never ceases to surprise its visitors. It offers some of the best wellness activities that rejuvenate your mind and body completely.

Pamper yourself with a variety of de-stressing therapies at many of Dubai’s luxurious spas. Feel the magic on your body and mind as you get a Balinese Massage done by wellness experts. Balinese Massage beautifully blends reflexology, aromatherapy, and acupressure all in one massage, to give you a divine therapeutic experience. Get a Warm Stone Massage therapy for enhancing blood circulation and relaxing your muscles. As the heat from the stones penetrates into the muscles and tissues, it helps in releasing the tension, thus relaxing every part of your body. Look no further if you have chosen the Thai Yoga massage! It is a completely energizing therapy that involves movements of Yoga, which helps in relieving your body from any kind of illness such as anxiety, migraine, tension (physical and emotional), sprain, etc. Indulge yourself in a Foot Massage that involves releasing of tensed muscles with the use of reflexology, wherein controlled pressure is applied at specific points. Luxury resorts in Dubai also offer therapeutic Yoga and spa treatments, and conduct fitness classes such as Pilates, aerobics, and Tai Chi. Indulge in steam bath, sauna, tennis, and pool activities in the Zen-inspired interiors and surroundings of the resorts. Enjoy an amazing Yoga workout overlooking the Dubai Marina.

The city offers endless things to see and do for all kinds of travelers. Add health & wellness to your itinerary and make your Dubai vacation even more pleasurable.