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Bangkok Outdoor Activities

Bangkok offers a lot to the travelers from wonderful attractions to many activities for outdoor fun in the city.

Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Bangkok that range from river cruise and safaris to flight simulation experiences and bicycle tours. Spend a day at Dream World, an amusement park in Bangkok. Enjoy the different kinds of rides and have a thrilling experience at the Haunted Mansion or the Space Mountain roller coaster.

Best Outdoor Activities in Bangkok

One of the best outdoor activities in Bangkok is going on a dinner cruise. Enjoy a delicious dinner and marvel at the beautiful sights of the city while you cruise along the river Chao Phraya.

Have a fun visit to Snow Town, a theme park in Bangkok, and get the feeling of arctic winter. Put your dreams of being a pilot into action with flight simulation. You can experience it for the first time or perfect your skills with a short flight and a series of landings and take-offs. One more of Bangkok’s outdoor activities is a visit to the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. Witness the spectacular marine life of plenty of creatures like Jelly Fish, Sea Horses, Clown Fish, and many colorful coral reefs. Visit the fruit orchards and paddy fields at the organic farm on Samphran riverside.

There are plenty of outdoor adventures in Bangkok that you can take up for a thrilling experience. Glide through the zip line in the jungle canopy, cross over hanging bridges, and abseil down the rock faces for an adventurous time in Bangkok. You can also visit the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, around 113 km from Bangkok and take a tram tour around to see thousands of animals and birds and some wild creatures. Visit the floating markets of Bangkok, take a bicycle tour around the streets, and visit the famous attractions like the Grand Palace, Art in Paradise Bangkok museum, and Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo.

Many other exciting outdoor activities will make your visit more interesting and have you discover the very details of the city; take up the activities to have a great time in Bangkok.