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Outdoor Activities in London

Discovered by the Romans, who named the city as ‘Londinium’ which later got to be known as London, the capital city of England and United Kingdom is also known as the world’s cultural capital. London is also the world’s most visited city. The city comprises four heritage sites which are the Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, Greenwich and St Margaret's Church.

There is a long list of outdoor activities in London that one can try. Apart from the beautiful sites, most of the city’s population comprises people from different parts of the world. London is a city full of diversity in terms of culture ranging from leisure and entertainment centers to literature, museums and art galleries. It is a city full of surprises which can only be unveiled when one sets out to explore the city.

Best London Outdoor Activities

Taking a ride on the London Eye ferris wheel is a must-do London outdoor activity which allows the tourists to have a beautiful view of the entire city. One can easily go to the popular tourist attractions and learn about the cultural capital. One can also take full or half day tours which will take one on a ride to show some of the beautiful places of London. Some of these marvelous sites are the Tower of London and London Bridge, among others.

Among some of the best outdoor activities in London is shopping. You cannot leave London until you explore its market places which sell a variety of goods. Moreover, London outdoor activities are incomplete until you go on a walking tour to discover the street food that the city offers. There are a variety of street food eating joints such as Kimchinary, Mike and Ollie, Sub Cult and Luxury Flats. Don’t forget to taste the famous jelly baby sweet candy. The best way to relax is to spend a sunrise or a sunset at the Jubilee Gardens near the Thames river.