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Outdoor Activities In Pattaya

Located in Thailand, Pattaya is a land of parties, fun and frolic. Not only can one explore the nightlife of Pattaya in the city but also familiarize oneself with the historic and cultural dimensions of the city. There is a plethora of outdoor activities in Pattaya that you can try. For people who love to unveil the different colors of a place, Pattaya is the perfect destination for them. It is a city full of mysteries which needs to be explored.

Amongst one of the exciting Pattaya outdoor activities is the rainforest canopy tour. You will embark on a safari ride on the mountain as part of your tour. It is one of the most thrilling outdoor adventures that Pattaya offers and people who love adventure shouldn’t miss it. Another activity which can easily be listed as one of the best outdoor activities in Pattaya is the Cartoon Network Amazone. With exciting rides and roller coasters, the place will take you into the world of Cartoon Network with your favorite characters coming alive. If you are traveling with kids, it is one of the places that you must visit.

Pattaya Outdoor Activities

Another outdoor activity that you must try while in Pattaya is a day out in Samet Island. There you can go for water sport activities or spend a lazy day near the shore. You can watch the sunset there, which is truly one of the most beautiful sights to behold. The Gibbon Pattaya is a world of adventure where you will find thrills like sky bridges, zipline soaring and other interesting activities. For people who are really fond of the wildlife, you should definitely plan a trip to Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Pattaya. There are more than 8000 animals of over 300 species there. It is a good place to take your children. You can see the animals in their natural habitat and gaze at their magnanimity.