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Bangkok City Tours

Bangkok is a blend of enchanting temples, a crazy nightlife, and scenic beauty, all of which you can explore by taking up city tours in Bangkok and sightseeing here.

Explore Bangkok as you go on sightseeing tours and visit the popular attractions and places that make the city a must-visit. Begin your holiday in Bangkok with a cycling tour in the country side island, Bang Krachao. The scenic beauty of the ‘lungs of Bangkok’ will astonish you.

City Tours in Bangkok

Your Bangkok tour must include a cycling tour around the city that will give you an experience different from the typical sightseeing tours. Have a closer look at the lifestyle and culture of Bangkok as you go on a bicycle ride in the streets.

The colorful night markets of Bangkok will fascinate you; there are snack shops, open-air bars, toy shops, and a lot more in the markets to make your visit interesting. A tour around Bangkok during the night through the temples and markets and a cruise tour along the Chao Phraya River are some must-do things here. Besides this, visit the Wat Arun Temple or Temple of Dawn and go on a tour to the Ayuttha Temples when in Bangkok.