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Tours in Krabi

Krabi is a coastal town with white sandy shores, deep mangrove forests, shallow cyan sea and enchanting coral reefs. This place also comprises several caves, waterfalls and neighboring isles. Krabi is known for its naturally shaped gigantic limestone rocks which stand erect on fields of land as well as on the shallow seabed.

Krabi City Tours

Krabi is an ideal place for the adventurous and the foodies. There are numerous places to visit in Krabi, which will take your breathe away. Take a tour in Krabi to discover a whole new world.

There are a number of modes available to travel the city such as local buses, motorcycle taxis, regular taxis and rented cars. The best mode to travel within Krabi is by regular taxis. There are many taxis available, which can take the traveler through the city tours in Krabi. You will find many eateries selling Krabi’s popular cuisine such as Penang curry and Hang Lay Curry.

Sightseeing Tours in Krabi

Watch as the colorful market bustles with customers and sellers. Krabi city tour is incomplete until you try its local cuisine that the city is known for. There are a wide variety of Krabi city tours available, which give the traveler a memorable tour of famous places. Many Krabi city tours are offered at the mainland beaches for water tours by longtail boats, river cruises and speed boats. An adventurous traveler can also opt for kayaking at one of the many beautiful neighboring islands. Some of the top Krabi city tours are hot stream and rainforest tour. A traveler can also opt for a mangrove boat tour.