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Afriqiyah Airways Flight Status

About Afriqiyah Airways

Afriqiyah Airways is a Libyan government-owned airline founded back in 2001. It has its primary hub in Tripoli International Airport, which is closed since July 2014. Currently, it functions out of Mitiga International Airport in Libya. Its network of domestic and international routes were spread out across 25 countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe till the Libyan Civil War took place in March 2011. As a result of this, a no-fly zone was enforced by NATO and all Afriqiyah Airways flights were terminated. As of now, it just caters to a few destinations in Northern Africa and Istanbul. Its 12 in-service aircrafts consist of Airbus A319, A320, A330- 300, and A350. In an endeavor to increase its capital flow, in October 2016, the airlines took over 20% share in the Aviation Training Center of Tunisia.

Why should you choose Afriqiyah Airways? 

Afriqiyah Airways has always been known for offering cheap Economy Class flights to its guests travelling to several African destinations. In addition, if you plan to make a group booking or a corporate reservation, you will be pleasantly surprised to receive massive discounts and extremely courteous customer service.

For passengers flying in Business Class, the airlines serves them with the best in-flight service. Comfortable seats with plenty of leg space and gourmet meals are just some of the many perks. One thing to note here is that Afriqiyah Airways doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks on its flights.

How do you check flight status for Afriqiyah Airways?

The flight status for Afriqiyah Airways flights can be checked using http://www.flightstats.com/go/FlightStatus/flightStatusByFlight.do;jsessionid=FD0B12FA63A3B769C41675565A1C2254.web3:8009?airline= %28TR%29+Scoot&flightNumber=&submit=Search+Flight, by entering the flight number, the airport, or the routes.

• For the By Flight option, enter the airline name, flight number, and departure date. Click on Search. The arrival time, departure time, and arrival gate number will be displayed.
• For the By Airport option, enter the airport name, date, and time period. Click on Search. The airline name, departure time and the arrival time plus the status of the airline will be displayed.
• For the By Route option, enter the departure airport name, arrival airport name, and date. Click on Search. The airline name, departure time, arrival time, and status of the airline will be displayed.

Which are the key routes of Afriqiyah Airways?

Tripoli to Alexandria, Tripoli to Istanbul, and Tripoli to Tunis are a few key routes of Afriqiyah Airways.


Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
A. If you do not receive a notification from Afriqiyah Airways on your flight status, click the Contact Us tab on the website’s homepage: http://www.afriqiyahairlines.org.uk/contact-us.html.

• Get in touch with the customer service team on their direct number within their specified working hours.
• Drop an email explaining your query to the Afriqiyah Airways team at sales@afriqiyahairlines.org.uk.