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AIR ZIMBABWE Flight Status

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Air Zimbabwe Airlines Flight Status

About Air Zimbabwe Airlines

  Air Zimbabwe is the national airline of Zimbabwe having its hub at Harare International Airport in Harare (Zimbabwe). The airline was founded on 1st September 1967 as Air Rhodesia Corporation and presently has a fleet-size of about 4 aircrafts. It runs flights to domestic as well as regional destinations. On 20th November 1997, the airline became a wholly government-owned private company, registered as Air Zimbabwe Private Limited, from Air Zimbabwe Corporation. It has been a member of the African Airlines Association and of the International Air Transport Association since 1981. Air Zimbabwe also runs commercial and technical training at schools at its headquarters that offers courses in cargo processes and procedures, ticketing, pilot training, and aircraft engineering.

Why should you choose Air Zimbabwe Airlines? 

Air Zimbabwe Airlines has an established reputation of safety and hospitality and serves its customers royally to make their travel pleasant and enjoyable. It is also known for its timely performance and is ranked in one of the top ten African Airlines when it comes to it. The airline offers both Economy Class and Business Class to its passengers. They offer complimentary food and drinks in-flight included in their cost-effective ticket prices in both the classes of travel.

Air Zimbabwe business class offers one of a kind experience. It has comfortable seats, large luggage and dining spaces, a wide selection of food and drinks, and a VIP protocol that makes your journey a relaxing and comfortable one.

How do you check flight status for Air Zimbabwe Airlines?

The flight status for the flights of Air Zimbabwe Airlines can be checked using Flight Stats at http://www.flightstats.com/go/FlightStatus/flightStatusByFlight.do?airline=&flightNumber=&submit=Search+Flight

by entering the flight number, the airport, or the routes.

• For the By Flight option, enter the Airline name, flight number, and the departure date. Click on Search. The arrival time, departure time, and arrival gate number will be displayed.
• For the By Airport option, enter the Airport name, date, and time period. Click on Search and the destination, airline name, departure time, and status of the airline will be displayed.
• For the By Route option, enter the departure airport, arrival airport name, and the date. Click on Search and the airline name, departure time, arrival time, and status of the airline will be displayed.

What does the airline do in case of flight cancellation?

Air Zimbabwe Airlines provides various compensations in cash and kind for cancelled flights by the airline. Some of the provisions by them include:

• Rerouting passengers on the next available Air Zimbabwe flights.
• Passengers are served with meals and refreshments during the waiting time of their next flight.
• The passengers are allowed to make a maximum of two 3-minute phone calls, emails, and fax as per the availability.
• Passengers who are not from the city are provided with accommodation when the waiting time is more.
• In case of cancellation, full refund is provided to the passengers with a 25% discount in most of the cases.

Key routes of Air Zimbabwe Airlines

Harare to Bulawayo, Harare to Johannesburg, and Harare to Victoria Falls are some of the key routes of Air Zimbabwe Airlines.

What are the benefits of booking with Air Zimbabwe Airlines? 

Air Zimbabwe Airlines provides various benefits when you choose to travel with them. Some of them include:

• Children services: Unaccompanied minors are well taken care of by the crew of the airline from departure to the arrivals, including the assistance required at the airport on prior request. Special meals and entertainment is also provided to the children passengers.
• Rainbow Club: The frequent-flyer program of Air Zimbabwe Airlines rewards its valued customers in one and many ways. It has three tiers of membership and as you move to the premium tier, it adds greater benefits to your travel plan. It adds Rainbow Club miles to your card that can be later served as your free ticket or be transferred to free tickets for use by your family.
• Medical services: Passengers with special needs get assistance from the staff with wheelchair assistance and other required services at the airport. Stretchers can be taken as per the airline rules in-flight. Oxygen cylinders can also be availed on-board and special meals and pre-allocation of seats can be provided on prior request to the airlines.


You can get in touch with Air Zimbabwe Airlines for knowing your flight status through any of these following ways:

• Call their central reservations number at +263-4-575021.
• Mail your concern at reservations@airzimbabwe.aero.
• Get in touch through their social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.