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British Airways Flight Status

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British Airways Flight PNR Status

About British Airways

British Airways (BA), a part of the International Airlines Group, is one of the oldest players in the aviation sector, which is celebrating 98 years of flying since 1919. The world’s first international flight operating daily was started by BA in August 1919 between London and Paris. As of 2016, British Airlines consists of 280+ aircrafts and caters to over 40 million customers every year. BA has always been on an award-winning spree. In December 2016, amongst many others, it received the Favorite Airline award. In 2017, it received a Silver rank for International First Class Wines on the Wing.

Why should you choose British Airways? 

Most travelers eagerly look forward to boarding a BA flight, just to indulge in their in-flight services. Gourmet food, choice of meals, and award-winning drinks are served to patrons. Short-haul economy class travelers are charged for their food, but it is complimentary for the rest. You also have the option to request for child-friendly meals or for some diet-specific meals on certain flights.

In-flight duty-free shopping adds to the fun. You can either buy the products three days before your scheduled departure or shop while you fly. You can watch programs of your choice, listen to music, and let your kids indulge in some in-flight games. And, you can enjoy these lavish services at a reasonable fare, provided you keep an eye on frequent sale offers that the airline runs or their last minute holiday deals.

How do you check flight status for British Airways?

To check british airways pnr status log on to the official website of British Airways www.britishairways.com.

1. Choose your preferred country and language. For instance, if you wish to check a flight from India, select India from the dropdown menu, select your preferred language, and click Submit.

2. Click on the Information tab and navigate to Flight Status.

3. You can check for the status through one of the following options:

• Route – Enter details under From and To, select the date, and click Search.

• Flight number – Enter the flight number, select the date, and click Search.

• Airport – Enter the airport name, departure and arrival times, and click Search.

The status of the particular BA flights between that route and time will be displayed on your screen.

What should you do in case of flight cancellation?

In case of a canceled flight, British Airways offers the following options:

• It automatically rebooks passengers to the next available BA flight without any additional cost.

• In case you do not wish to travel on any later flight, BA refunds the complete amount to you.

• It offers a compensation, in case there is a delay of more than three hours at the final destination, for reasons within BA’s control.

• It offers refreshment and meal vouchers to travelers, in case of flight delays of more than two hours.

Which are the popular routes of British Airways?

London to Edinburgh, London to New York, London to Barcelona, and London to Paris are some of the key British Airways routes.

What are the benefits of booking with British Airways? 

Unsure whether you should book tickets on British Airways for your next vacation? Read on to know why flying on a BA flight is a bliss for most travelers:

• You can check-in online 24 hours before scheduled departure. You can also download the BA app on your smartphones and check-in through that. Else, you can use the airport kiosks to do a self-check-in.

• You can reserve a seat in advance without any additional cost, except if you are flying on Economy class or traveling with “hand baggage only” tickets (seat reservation is chargeable in these cases).

• To relax and refresh in between flights, you can check out one of the 30 dedicated lounges and 100 partner lounges at the airports across the world.

• Special assistance is provided by the BA team for travelers with limited mobility, and for pregnant women travelling alone.

British Airways Airlines FAQs

Q. How can I check my British Airways Flight PNR status?
A. With the help of Yatra.com’s flight tracker, simply add details of your flight in the fields provided on the page and view the real time information related to your flight. Check Flight Status

Q. Where can I check my British Airways flight status update?
A. You can check your British Airways Flight status on their official website or, Yatra.com

Q. What are all the travel classes that British Airways offers?
A. British Airways offers Economy/Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class. Book Flights

Q. Can I get low fare tickets from Chennai to London?
A. Yes, If you visit Yatra.com you will see that British airways offers you some of the cheapest airfare to London as compared to other airlines.

Q. Which are the popular international flights of British Airways?
A.Amongst the popular international flights from India, British Airways have flights from Delhi to London, Hyderabad to London, Mumbai To London, Delhi to New York, Mumbai to Boston and many more.

Q. Can you suggest places to visit in Barcelona? I plan to visit next month?
A. Barcelona is known for its art and architecture. Being one of the leading tourist attractions this city has lots to offer. La Sagrada Familia, Magic Fountain Show, Picasso Museum, Las Ramblas Street, FC Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium and Barça Museum are few of its best destinations. View more holiday packages to Barcelona here.

Q. How much would a business class ticket from Mumbai to London cost?
A. It would be approximately around Rs 1,32,028

Q. Can you elaborate on the in-flight services of the British Airways?
A. Travellars can feel a heavenly experience through a plethora of luxuries offered by the British Airways. You can indulge in gourmet food, choice of meals, and drinks that are served . Short-haul economy class travelers are charged for their food, but it is complimentary for the rest. There is also an option to request for kid-friendly meals or for some diet-specific food items on certain flights. Apart from this there is duty free shopping where you can even shop while you fly. There are movies, games, and programmes of your choice which are available.

Q. I plan to go London for my vacations. Can you suggest few budget hotels that offer basic facilities?
A. Though London is an expensive city, this place does offer many budget hotels. Central Park Hotel, Best Western London Peckham Hotel, Oxford Hotel, and Westbury Hotel which provides great continental food along with 24-hour front desk.Look at more London holiday packages here

Q. What is the best time to visit New York? Suggest few premium hotels in New York please?
A. New York is one of the most populous cities in the US. Many hotels are available that offers excellent services and assures of a comfortable and pleasant stay. Mandarin Oriental New York, Four Seasons Hotel, The Plaza,The Mark New York,The Greenwich Hotel are amongst the high end luxury hotels of New York. The weekends around mid Jan to Feb end is the best time to visit in terms of finding tickets for a lower price. Around April to June, September to November the weather is pleasant for tourists.

Q. What will be the approximate airfare to London ? I plan to fly from Bangalore?
A. The price for one adult would be approximately Rs 25,976 depending on the booking date and travel hours.

Q. How can I check my British Airways flight status update?
A.You just need to enter your country name and language, in the information tab you can navigate on flight status. Apart from these options you can also mention your route , airport or flight number and check your flight status.

Q. Are there arrangements at the airport in case I have to change my flights?
A.In case you wish to relax in between your flights you can check amongst the 30 lounges and 100 partner lounges that are at the airport across the world.

Q. I plan to visit London shortly and fly with British Airways. Can you please provide with more information on this airline?
A.Travelling in British Airways can always be a delightful experience for its travellers. You can always check-in online 24 hours before the scheduled departure. You can reserve a seat in advance without any additional cost , but those travelling in economy class or travelling with hand baggage are exempted as seat reservations are chargeable for them. Special care is given to pregnant women travelling alone and also to those flyers who need assistance.

Q. Can I check in through web facility?
A. Yes, you can easily download the British Airways app and check in through that. Also, there are airport kiosks where check-in can be done.

Q. Where can I check my British Airways flight status update?
A.You can always check your British Airways Flight status on their official website - www.britishairways.com

Q. Which all are the key routes of British Airways?
A.London to Edinburgh, London to New York, London to Barcelona and London to Paris are few of the airline's key routes.

Q. Is it possible to check my British Airways Flight status on service websites like Yatra?
A.Yes, Yatra will not only provide you with British Airways flight status information but will give you excellent deals and offers which will help you to choose the best airline along with the assurance that your journey will be comfortable and within your budget.

Q. In case my flight is delayed will I get any compensation from the airlines? How will I manage If I get stuck ?
A. British airways will offer you compensation , in case your flight is delayed for more than three hours at the final destination if the reason for the delay is within the airline's control. Moreover it will also provide you with meal vouchers and refreshments in case your flight is delayed for more than two hours.

Q. What if my flight is cancelled? Will I get any refund?
A. British airways offers lots of options in case your flight is cancelled to avoid inconvenience to its travellers. Yes , it will refund you the complete amount in case you do not wish to travel on any later flight. It will also automatically rebook you on the next available British Airways flight minus any additional cost.

Q. What if my flight is delayed? Where should I call to get British Airways Flight status?
A. In case your flight is delayed, British Airways will inform you through their alerts. In case you don't get alerts, you can always call on their helpline number - (0124 412 0715). Just select your preferred country and contact their customer relations to get your flight status.

Q. What are the luxuries available in the economy class in the British Airways?
A. The economy class is enriched with all the benefits for its passengers. It allows free baggage allowance, provides a delicious platter of food, entertainment system and full family activity packs.

Q. Is British Airways Flight status service available for economy class?
A. Yes, World Traveller is the full-service economy class in British Airways. They fly not only within Europe but also have international long route flights. British Airways economy class provides best of facilities at an affordable price.

Q. Does British Airways send out email and SMS about flight status?
A. Yes, British Airways sends out alerts about their flight status on the registered contact information shared with them.

Q. When will I receive flight status alert messages, and how many?
A. You will receive alerts from British Airways about any change in the original flight schedule on the day of departure.

Q. What information will British Airways flight status alert contain?
A. The alerts from British Airways will keep you informed about any delay in your flight, cancellation of your flight, and any automatic rebooking done on the next available flight.

Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
A. In case you do not receive a notification on your flight status, you can get in touch with British Airways through their helpline number. Select your preferred country and contact their Customer Relations on the given number (0124 412 0715).

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