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China Southern Airlines Flight Status Check Status

China Southern Airlines Flight Status

About China Southern Airlines 

China Southern Airlines was set up in 1988. Its main hub is at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and the Beijing Capital International Airport in China. It is the world’s 4th largest airlines in terms of passengers carried. It currently operates 485 flights a day from Gunagzhou and 221 from the Beijing hub. It has a large presence in Australia and has extensive network to South East Asia. China Southern Airlines has been honored as the Best Airline in China by several international media organizations.

Why should you choose China Southern Airlines? 

China Southern Airlines operates the largest passeneger fleet in terms of people capacity in the People’s Republic of China. It offers fine Asian cuisine and delicious western dishes on its flights. Certain flights from the airline offer tea and give you an experience of Chinese tea culture. The entertainment services offered include movies, music, games, and books for the passengers. Spacious and comfortable seats, LCD TVs, and an ambient atmosphere give the passenger a wonderful experience. Special assistance is given to travelers with children, elderly passengers, and those with disabilities. The China Southern Airlines app can be downloaded for travel benefits.

The exclusive lounges present in the airport offers a range of facilities for the First Class, Business Class, and certain eligible passengers. They can rest and relax while waiting for the next flight.

How do you check flight status for China Southern Airlines?

To check the status of any China Southern Airlines flight, log on to the official website of China Southern Airlines http://global.csair.com/

• Choose your local area and language. For instance, if you wish to check a flight from India, choose India in the location tab.
• Click on the Book tab and navigate to Flight Status.
• Click on options - By Departure city and Arrival city or Flight Number.
• Enter the Destination and Starting Location or the Flight number and click Get Status.
• The scheduled arrival and departure times will be displayed on your screen.

What should you do in case of flight cancellation?

In case of a canceled flight, China Southern Airlines provides adequate compensation to its passengers:

• Passengers are provided with the closest subsequent flight or the closest flight with available seats that matches the passenger’s destination.
• Option to receive a reimbursement for the canceled flight to the rules for involuntary refunds.
• Free of cost meals and accommodations as appropriate.

Key routes of China Southern Airlines

Guangzhou to Melbourne, Gunagzhou to Tokyo, Gunagzhou to New York, and Guang Zhou to Los Toronto are some of the key routes of China Southern Airlines.

What are the benefits of booking with China Southern Airlines? 

Amongst the host of benefits offered by China Southern Airlines to make the journey convenient for travelers of all ages, here are some of the significant ones:

• Child-friendly amenities – Assistance is given to people traveling with kids as well as unaccompanied children.
• Facilities for senior citizens – For elderly people traveling alone, it is assured that they are comfortable in their journey.
• Seat selection – All travelers who have a valid ticket on the airlines can book a seat in advance.
• Lounges for relaxation – Several airports where China Southern Airlines flights operate have dedicated China Southern Airlines lounges for travelers to relax in between flights.


Q.  Is China Southern Airlines reliable?
A. Yes, absolutely. China Southern Airlines is world's 4th largest airlines, it carries the maximum number of passengers and is considered the best airline in China.

Q.  Is it possible to book a meal in China Southern Airlines?
A. Yes, this facility is available for the First /Business classes where you can book a meal. But this service is applied to some non-stop flights only departing from Guangzhou/Urumqi/Harbin and few more. Kindly visit the website for further details.

Q. Is there a web check-in facility in China Southern Airlines?
A. Yes, the web check-in facility is available in China Southern Airlines. You need to enter your Id/Ticket No./Passport No. and then your name after you log in.

Q.  Are there any 5-star hotels in Melbourne city? Please suggest few.
A. There are many luxury hotels in Melbourne which make your stay comfortable. Andre's Mews which is quite a sophisticated hotel which provides bedrooms/kitchen/balconies etc. Quay West Suites, Platinum Apartments - Freshwater Place, The Blackman are also some of the best 5star hotels.

Q.  Is Melbourne a good holiday destination? Please suggest few popular places to visit in Melbourne.
A. Yes, Melbourne city is one of the best and beautiful cities in Australia. Places like Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Port Campbell National Park are amongst the best places to explore.
You can take a look at some of the holiday packages to Melbourne here.

Q.  What would be the approximate cost of Delhi to San Francisco flight on China Southern Airlines?
A. The approximate price of your flight per person would be around Rs. 48,392. You can visit Yatra .com and get the best deals.

Q.  Are there any budget hotels in San Francisco?
A. There are quite a few budget hotels which are low in costs. Tilden Hotel that provides basic facilities like free valet parking, free WiFi, 24 hr. service fitness rooms, laundry services etc. Some others worth mentioning are Travelodge Golden Gate, Hotel Sunrise, and Union hotels.

Q. I plan to visit China soon. What is the ideal time to visit this country?
A. Best time to visit China is around September to October when its spring. The weather during this time is ideal for tourists to visit its mountains and beautiful landscapes.

Q. Which are the popular attractions in Guangzhou?
A. There are many places to explore in Guangzhou like the Guangzhou zoo, Chimelong Paradise, Shamian, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Chimelong Water Park, The Lotus Hill, Baiyun Mountain, Zhenhai Tower etc. View some exciting holiday packages here.

Q.  Does China Southern Airlines provide comfortable services for the economy class passengers?
A. Yes, China Southern Airlines provides many amenities for the economy class passengers like comfortable seating, a 9-inch flat-screen LCD TV, and rich entertainment which makes for an extraordinary flying experience. You can enjoy both the finest East Asian cuisines and the best of Western food on board.

Q.  What are the luxury services provided by China Southern Airlines? Why should I choose this airline for my travel purpose?
A. China Southern Airlines provides best of services for all its travellers and makes it a memorable experience for them. Certain flights in this airlines showcase the best of Chinese tea culture. The airline also provides LCDs, books to read, wide spacious seats, movies and games for a comfortable travel experience. Special assistance is also given to children and senior citizens.

Q. Is the China Southern Airline budget friendly?
A. Yes, this airline has separate travel classes. You can choose from First Class, Business Class and Economy Class.

Q. Are there any SMS alerts or China Southern Airlines flight status messages available in China Southern Airlines?
A. You can get all the information regarding China Southern Airlines flight status on the airline's app. You can also visit their official website. Just put in your local area, flight number or destination area, and your scheduled departure or arrival time will be displayed on your screen.

Q. Are there any international flights provided by China Southern Airlines from Delhi?
A. Yes, China Southern Airlines provides international flights from Delhi to Guangzhou, Delhi to Seoul, Delhi to Yivu, Delhi to Auckland, Delhi to Christchurch and Delhi to San Francisco.

Q. In case my China Southern Airlines flight status shows 'flight cancelled', what am I supposed to do next?
A. In case the China Southern Airlines flight status shows cancelled, China Southern Airlines provides travellers with alternate flights. You can also receive reimbursement for the cancelled flight as per the rules for involuntary refunds and this airline also provides with free of cost meals and accommodation as suitable.

Q. I have a long international flight due on China Southern Airlines and have to change my flights very same day. Is there any option where I can rest before my next flight?
A. China Southern Airlines provides complete relaxation to all its passengers. There are several airports where China Southern Airlines flights operate, they have dedicated lounges for travellers to relax in between flights.

Q. Is China Southern Airlines child-friendly? I plan to send my kid along with an adult who is a senior citizen.
A. China Southern Airlines offers assistance to unaccompanied children. Special care is given to senior citizens to make their journey comfortable.

Q. What are the popular key routes of China Southern Airlines?
A. The key routes of this airlines are Guangzhou to Melbourne, Guangzhou to Tokyo, Guangzhou to New York and Guangzhou to Los Toronto.

Q. Where should I call and confirm regarding my China Southern Airlines flight status?
A. If you want to check the China Southern Airlines flight status, just log on to their official website- http://global.csair.com/. In case your flight is delayed you can check their app or even contact their helpline no: 4006695539-1-1.

Q. Can I check the China Southern Airlines flight status availability in any of the service provider websites?
A. Yes, you can check the China Southern Airlines flight status through websites like Yatra.com, they even have their own website http://global.csair.com/.For any information regarding the flights you can also get in touch with them through social websites like Facebook/Twitter.

Q. Is the check-in facility available on China Southern Airlines if my flight is a mix of both domestic and international travel?
A. No, online check-in, in a situation such as this, is not possible.

Q. Does China Southern Airlines send out email and SMS about flight status?
A. China Southern Airlines does not send out emails and SMS alerts about the status of their flights. You can log in to their website or check the flight status through the app.

Q. When will I receive flight status alert messages, and how many?
A. China Southern Airlines do not send alerts. You can check all information about the flight through the app.

Q. What information will China Southern Airlines flight status alert contain?
A. The Flight status and flight details can be found on the app for China Southern Airlines.

Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
A. In case you don’t receive an email or an SMS alert on your flight status, you can get in touch with China Southern Airlines through one of the following ways:
• Contact their helpline number: 4006695539-1-1.
• Get in touch with China Southern Airlines through social media on their Facebook page or on Twitter . Their teams are available 24/7 to help travelers with any travel-related query.

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