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    • Lowest fare for passenger with hand baggage only.
    • No free check-in baggage allowance.
    • The hand baggage only fare will be available on most direct domestic flights(including via flights), with minimum 15 days advanced purchase. Connecting flights are not included.
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China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines is an airline based out of China. Its principal hub is at Beijing Capital International Airport. It has a secondary hub at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. China Southern Airlines offers four classes of service - Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does China Southern Airlines serve meals on board? By Tarika on May 15,2018
    Yes, China Southern Airlines serves meals on board. You can also opt for pre-booked meals from China Southern Airlines’ exceptional menu but book it at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight. By Gaurang on May 15,2018
  • Does China Southern Airlines offer special assistance to a passenger with special needs? By Girik on May 14,2018
    Yes, China Southern Airlines offers special assistance to a passenger with special needs. To receive the special assistance, passengers need to log into China Southern Airlines’ website after buying the tickets and apply for special services on the page Disabled Service Request. To know more, they can contact the customer care service of the airline. By Mahipal on May 14,2018
  • Does China Southern Airlines has lounge access? By Sindhu on May 13,2018
    Yes, China Southern Airlines has an extravagant lounge access for the eligible passengers. To know the whether they are eligible or not, the passengers can visit the official website and read the guidelines on the “Lounge” section in Fly With Us tab on Homepage. By Bhishma on May 13,2018
  • What are the in-flight entertainment options offered by China Southern Airlines? By Sarasvat on May 12,2018
    From latest films, famous TV series to games and news, China Southern Airlines offer over 600 hours of excellent entertainment programs on their advanced aircrafts. By Shyamangi on May 12,2018
  • What items are restricted on China Southern Airlines flights? By Vishvatma on May 11,2018
    For the safety of your journey, some items such as fireworks, pesticides, heroin, acids, pepper spray among many others are restricted onboard. For further information on the items that are not allowed in baggage and hand luggage, you can go to China Southern Airlines’ official website. By Hriday on May 11,2018
  • Where can I find special offers and deals? By Sachika on May 10,2018
    For special deals and offers on your flight booking, you can visit Yatrcom. Apart from that, you can also sign up for newsletters of different travel sites, collect coupons from social networking sites and use them to get attractive offers. By Ratnesh on May 10,2018
  • Does China Southern Airlines Offers Unaccompanied Minor service? By Triparna on May 09,2018
    Yes, China Southern Airlines offers Unaccompanied Minor service for children. However, there are some terms and conditions that you can access on their website. By Mayuka on May 09,2018
  • How do I book a flight with multiple destinations? By Kanu on May 08,2018
    You can upgrade your flight via your rewards on China Southern Airlines’ website. In addition, you can upgrade your flight at the airport before departure as well. For more information, you can contact China Southern Airlines via call or mail. By Abhimanyu on May 08,2018
  • How do I upgrade my flight? By Radheya on May 07,2018
    You can upgrade your flight via your rewards on China Southern Airlines’ website. In addition, you can upgrade your flight at the airport before departure as well. For more information, you can contact China Southern Airlines via call or mail. By Vibhuti on May 07,2018
  • What is the baggage limit for China Southern Airlines for domestic routes including cabin baggage? By Amiya on May 06,2018
    In general on China Southern Airlines, passengers can carry one piece of hand baggage which can weigh up to 5 kg. The checked-in baggage allowance is as follows: •In Economy passengers are allowed to check-in baggage which can weigh up to 20 kg. •In Premium Economy passengers are allowed to check-in baggage which can weigh up to 20 kg. •On Business Class passengers are allowed to check-in baggage which can weigh up to 30 kg. •In First Class passengers are allowed tocheck-inbaggage which can weigh up to 40 kg. As hand baggage allowance, passengers can carry two pieces of baggage which can weigh up to 5 kg per unit. By Laabha on May 06,2018
  • How can the passengers check the China Southern Airlines flight status? By Jabez on May 05,2018
    The passengers can check theChina Southern Airlines flight statuson the airline’s official website. By Savitashri on May 05,2018
  • What is the baggage limit for China Southern Airlines for international routes including cabin baggage? By Avanindra on May 04,2018
    In general hand baggage allowance on China Southern Airlines is one piece per passenger which can weigh up to 5 kg. Oninternational flights, the baggage allowance depends upon the class of travel and destination: By Varunesh on May 04,2018
  • What are the various offers available for China Southern Airlines flight booking? By Svayambhut on May 03,2018
    Passengers can choose from a multitude of offers during China Southern Airlines flight booking from the official website ofYatrcom. They can even sign-up for the newsletters from the various travel sites or collect the coupons from the different social networking sites. With the help of these discount coupons, they can avail the enticing offers. By Mumtaz on May 03,2018
  • Does China Southern Airlines offer free meals on its Delhi to Sydney flights? By Anjana on May 02,2018
    Yes, China Southern Airlines offers free meals on itsDelhi to Sydney flights. However, the menu might vary. By Narmada on May 02,2018
  • Which are the cheapest China Southern Airlines routes? By Swapnil on May 01,2018
    It is not expensive to fly fromLos Angeles to Shanghai. The return fare comes to about INR 25,602. Reach San Francisco from Beijing on China Southern Airlines. The return ticket is priced at INR 25,602 approximately. Travel from New York to Chengdu for INR 15,888. This is the one-way fare. It is easy to fly to Shanghai from Los Angeles. The one-way fare is INR 12,801 approximately. By Sukhajat on May 01,2018
  • Which are China Southern Airlines popular routes? By Giriraj on Apr 30,2018
    Some of China Southern Airlines popular routes are Delhi to Guangzhou, Delhi to Seoul,Delhi Melbourne, Delhi to Sydney,Delhi to Los Angeles, Delhi to Auckland,Delhi to San Franciscoand Delhi to Christ Church. By Gajinder on Apr 30,2018
  • Can I check the China Southern Airlines flight status availability in any of the service provider websites? By Qatadah on Apr 29,2018
    Yes, you can check the China Southern Airlines flight status through websites likeYatrcom, they even have their own websitehttp://global.csair.com/.For any information regarding the flights you can also get in touch with them through social websites like Facebook/Twitter. By Hita on Apr 29,2018
  • Where should I call and confirm regarding my China Southern Airlines flight status? By Maysarah on Apr 28,2018
    If you want to check the China Southern Airlines flight status, just log on to their officialwebsite- http://global.csair.com/. In case your flight is delayed you can check their app or even contact their helpline no: 4006695539-1-1. By Sadhika on Apr 28,2018
  • What are the popular key routes of China Southern Airlines? By Nihar on Apr 27,2018
    The key routes of this airlines areGuangzhou to Melbourne, Guangzhou to Tokyo, Guangzhou to New York and Guangzhou to Los Toronto. By Sudevi on Apr 27,2018
  • Is China Southern Airlines child-friendly? I plan to send my kid along with an adult who is a senior citizen. By Nipun on Apr 26,2018
    China Southern Airlines offers assistance to unaccompanied children. Special care is given to senior citizens to make their journey comfortable. By Shrinath on Apr 26,2018
  • I have a long international flight due on China Southern Airlines and have to change my flights very same day. Is there any option where I can rest before my next flight? By Devan on Apr 25,2018
    China Southern Airlines provides complete relaxation to all its passengers. There are several airports whereChina Southern Airlines flightsoperate, they have dedicated lounges for travellers to relax in between flights. By Gurpreet on Apr 25,2018
  • In case my China Southern Airlines flight status shows 'flight cancelled', what am I supposed to do next? By Tuhin on Apr 24,2018
    In case the China Southern Airlines flight status shows cancelled,China Southern Airlinesprovides travellers with alternate flights. You can also receive reimbursement for the cancelled flight as per the rules for involuntary refunds and this airline also provides with free of cost meals and accommodation as suitable. By Sandhaya on Apr 24,2018
  • Are there any international flights provided by China Southern Airlines from Delhi? By Maina on Apr 23,2018
    Yes,China Southern Airlinesprovides international flights from Delhi to Guangzhou,Delhi to Seoul, Delhi to Yivu,Delhi to Auckland, Delhi to Christchurch and Delhi to San Francisco. By Ruchir on Apr 23,2018
  • Are there any SMS alerts or China Southern Airlines flight status messages available in China Southern Airlines? By Sheil on Apr 22,2018
    You can get all the information regardingChina Southern Airlines flight statuson the airline's app. You can also visit their official website. Just put in your local area, flight number or destination area, and your scheduled departure or arrival time will be displayed on your screen. By Waliyudeen on Apr 22,2018
  • Is the China Southern Airline budget friendly? By Shrida on Apr 21,2018
    Yes, this airline has separate travel classes. You can choose from First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. By Janya on Apr 21,2018
  • What are the luxury services provided by China Southern Airlines? Why should I choose this airline for my travel purpose? By Harithik on Apr 20,2018
    China Southern Airlines provides best of services for all its travellers and makes it a memorable experience for them. Certain flights in this airlines showcase the best of Chinese tea culture. The airline also provides LCDs, books to read, wide spacious seats, movies and games for a comfortable travel experience. Special assistance is also given to children and senior citizens. By Atmajyoti on Apr 20,2018
  • Does China Southern Airlines provide comfortable services for the economy class passengers? By Katyayani on Apr 19,2018
    Yes,China Southern Airlinesprovides many amenities for the economy class passengers like comfortable seating, a 9-inch flat-screen LCD TV, and rich entertainment which makes for an extraordinary flying experience. You can enjoy both the finest East Asian cuisines and the best of Western food on board. By Kranti on Apr 19,2018
  • Which are the popular attractions in Guangzhou? By Rehwa on Apr 18,2018
    There are many places to explore in Guangzhou like the Guangzhou zoo, Chimelong Paradise, Shamian, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Chimelong Water Park, The Lotus Hill, Baiyun Mountain, Zhenhai Tower etc. View some exciting holiday packages here. By Vishwanath on Apr 18,2018
  • I plan to visit China soon. What is the ideal time to visit this country? By Vatatmaj on Apr 17,2018
    Best time to visit China is around September to October when its spring. The weather during this time is ideal for tourists to visit its mountains and beautiful landscapes. By Kesari on Apr 17,2018
  • Are there any budget hotels in San Francisco? By Pachaimani on Apr 16,2018
    There are quite a few budget hotels which are low in costs. Tilden Hotel that provides basic facilities like free valet parking, free WiFi, 24 hr. service fitness rooms, laundry services etc. Some others worth mentioning are Travelodge Golden Gate, Hotel Sunrise, and Union hotels. By Varesh on Apr 16,2018
  • What would be the approximate cost of Delhi to San Francisco flight on China Southern Airlines? By Tripurari on Apr 15,2018
    The approximate price of your flight per person would be around Rs. 48,392. You can visit Yatra .com and get the best deals. By Elilarasan on Apr 15,2018
  • Is Melbourne a good holiday destination? Please suggest few popular places to visit in Melbourne. By Dwij on Apr 14,2018
    Yes, Melbourne city is one of the best and beautiful cities in AustraliPlaces like Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Port Campbell National Park are amongst the best places to explore.You can take a look at some holiday packages to Melbourne here. By Tuhina on Apr 14,2018
  • Are there any 5-star hotels in Melbourne city? Please suggest few. By Kanitha on Apr 13,2018
    There are many luxury hotels in Melbourne which make your stay comfortable. Andre's Mews which is quite a sophisticated hotel which provides bedrooms/kitchen/balconies etc. Quay West Suites, Platinum Apartments - Freshwater Place, The Blackman are also some of the best 5star hotels. By Deven on Apr 13,2018
  • Is there a web check-in facility in China Southern Airlines? By HAYDEN on Apr 12,2018
    Yes, the web check-in facility is available inChina Southern Airlines. You need to enter your Id/Ticket No./Passport No. and then your name after you log in. By Nityanta on Apr 12,2018
  • Is it possible to book a meal in China Southern Airlines? By Vitaharya on Apr 11,2018
    Yes, this facility is available for the First /Business classes where you can book a meal. But this service is applied to some non-stop flights only departing from Guangzhou/Urumqi/Harbin and few more. Kindly visit the website for further details. By Raz on Apr 11,2018
  • Is China Southern Airlines reliable? By Induja on Apr 10,2018
    Yes, absolutely. China Southern Airlines is world's 4th largest airlines, it carries the maximum number of passengers and is considered the best airline in Chin By Monish on Apr 10,2018

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      by Sumit on 2018-08-12

      It was the worst International travel since 12 years of traveling abroad

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely
    • P

      by PRASHANT on 2018-08-03

      Nice experience overall.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
    • A

      by Alok on 2018-08-02

      Fare is high ,Over all good experience

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly unlikely
    • N

      by Namrata on 2018-08-01

      Comfortable flight

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
    • S

      by Salil on 2018-07-22

      Exact timings of flight arrival seem to vary from what is given on the ticket.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely
    • R

      by Ravi on 2018-07-07

      Very good service and helpful staff.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
    • S

      by SURINDER on 2018-07-05

      Airlines misplaced my luggage having all my shopping in it and one iPhone 6+. The luggage is still not traceable.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
    • V

      by Vinay on 2018-07-01

      Guangzhou to Auckland flight entertainment system wasnt working. If flights could add some leg support in economy class, it could be even better. Otherwise long flights become tiring.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
    • A

      by Aarushi on 2018-06-28

      Never to suggest any one to travel on China southern airlines

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely
    • M

      by Manoj on 2018-06-25

      Good Airline

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely