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Emirates Airlines

The Dubai-based Emirates airline is the ultimate word in comfort and luxury. Emirates Airbus A380 offers a bouquet of in-flight facilities. From shower spas and private suites in First Class, flat-bed seats in Business Class, to custom lighting and extra legroom in Economy, Emirates also offers free wi-fi through the flight, and lets you browse from over 2500 entertainment channels.

Popular Emirates International Flights

List of Airline Routes

  • Accra to Abidjan
  • Ahmedabad to Abuja
  • Ahmedabad to Lanzarote
  • Ahmedabad to Addis ababa
  • Ahmedabad to Adelaide
  • Ahmedabad to Abha
  • Ahmedabad to Auckland
  • Ahmedabad to Algiers
  • Accra to Ahmedabad
  • Addis ababa to Ahmedabad
  • Adelaide to Ahmedabad
  • Auckland to Ahmedabad
  • Amman to Ahmedabad
  • Amsterdam to Ahmedabad
  • Ahmedabad to Amman
  • Ahmedabad to Amsterdam
  • Ahmedabad to Anchorage
  • Ahmedabad to Aqaba
  • Ahmedabad to Atlanta
  • Ahmedabad to Bahrain
  • Ahmedabad to Windsor locks
  • Ahmedabad to Bergen
  • Ahmedabad to Billings
  • Ahmedabad to Bangkok
  • Abidjan to Bangalore
  • Addis ababa to Bangalore
  • Adelaide to Bangalore
  • Auckland to Bangalore
  • Amman to Bangalore
  • Amsterdam to Bangalore
  • Ahmedabad to Nashville
  • Auckland to Brisbane
  • Ahmedabad to Brisbane
  • Ahmedabad to Boise
  • Abidjan to Mumbai
  • Abuja to Mumbai
  • Accra to Mumbai
  • Addis ababa to Mumbai
  • Adelaide to Mumbai
  • Auckland to Mumbai
  • Algiers to Mumbai
  • Amman to Mumbai
  • Amsterdam to Mumbai
  • Ahmedabad to Boston
  • Ahmedabad to Brussels
  • Ahmedabad to Brasilia
  • Ahmedabad to Buffalo
  • Ahmedabad to Bozeman
  • Ahmedabad to Columbia
  • Ahmedabad to Akron
  • Ahmedabad to Guangzhou
  • Accra to Calicut
  • Amman to Calicut
  • Abuja to Kolkata
  • Addis ababa to Kolkata
  • Adelaide to Kolkata
  • Auckland to Kolkata
  • Amsterdam to Kolkata
  • Ahmedabad to Cebu
  • Ahmedabad to Jakarta
  • Ahmedabad to Christchurch
  • Ahmedabad to Cedar rapids
  • Abuja to Coimbatore
  • Accra to Coimbatore
  • Addis ababa to Coimbatore
  • Ahmedabad to San diego
  • Ahmedabad to Cleveland
  • Ahmedabad to Charlotte
  • Ahmedabad to Colombo
  • Ahmedabad to Cairns
  • Abuja to Kochi
  • Accra to Kochi
  • Addis ababa to Kochi
  • Adelaide to Kochi
  • Auckland to Kochi
  • Algiers to Kochi
  • Amman to Kochi
  • Ahmedabad to Copenhagen
  • Ahmedabad to Cape town
  • Ahmedabad to Charleston
  • Ahmedabad to Columbus
  • Ahmedabad to Cincinnati
  • Ahmedabad to Dar es salaam
  • Abuja to New delhi
  • Accra to New delhi
  • Addis ababa to New delhi
  • Adelaide to New delhi
  • Auckland to New delhi
  • Algiers to New delhi
  • Amman to New delhi
  • Amsterdam to New delhi
  • Ahmedabad to Denver
  • Ahmedabad to Dallas fort worth
  • Ahmedabad to Moscow
  • Ahmedabad to Dammam
  • Ahmedabad to Doha
  • Ahmedabad to Donetsk
  • Ahmedabad to Darwin
  • Ahmedabad to Des moines
  • Ahmedabad to Detroit
  • Ahmedabad to Durban
  • Ahmedabad to Dusseldorf
  • Abidjan to Dubai
  • Accra to Dubai
  • Addis ababa to Dubai
  • Adelaide to Dubai
  • Auckland to Dubai
  • Algiers to Dubai
  • Ahmedabad to Dubai
  • Ahmedabad to Entebbe
  • Ahmedabad to Edinburgh airport
  • Ahmedabad to Gassim
  • Ahmedabad to Erie
  • Ahmedabad to Yerevan
  • Ahmedabad to Newark
  • Ahmedabad to Fort lauderdale
  • Ahmedabad to Frankfurt
  • Ahmedabad to Sioux falls
  • Addis ababa to Guwahati
  • Ahmedabad to Gaborone
  • Ahmedabad to Rio de janeiro
  • Amsterdam to Goa
  • Ahmedabad to Grand rapids
  • Ahmedabad to Geneva
  • Ahmedabad to Havana
  • Ahmedabad to Helsinki
  • Amsterdam to Khajuraho
  • Ahmedabad to Hong kong
  • Ahmedabad to Phuket
  • Ahmedabad to Tokyo
  • Ahmedabad to Huntsville
  • Abuja to Hyderabad
  • Accra to Hyderabad
  • Addis ababa to Hyderabad
  • Adelaide to Hyderabad
  • Auckland to Hyderabad
  • Algiers to Hyderabad
  • Amman to Hyderabad
  • Amsterdam to Hyderabad
  • Ahmedabad to Ibiza
  • Ahmedabad to Seoul
  • Amsterdam to Indore
  • Ahmedabad to Kiev
  • Ahmedabad to Indianapolis
  • Ahmedabad to Istanbul
  • Abidjan to Mangalore
  • Abuja to Mangalore
  • Accra to Jaipur
  • Ahmedabad to Jeddah
  • Ahmedabad to New york
  • Ahmedabad to Djibouti
  • Ahmedabad to Johannesburg
  • Ahmedabad to Juba
  • Ahmedabad to Kano
  • Ahmedabad to Kiev
  • Ahmedabad to Osaka
  • Ahmedabad to Khartoum
  • Ahmedabad to Kathmandu
  • Ahmedabad to Kuala lumpur
  • Ahmedabad to Kuwait
  • Ahmedabad to New york
  • Ahmedabad to London
  • Ahmedabad to London
  • Ahmedabad to Kauai
  • Ahmedabad to Lisbon
  • Accra to Lucknow
  • Amman to Lucknow
  • Ahmedabad to Lagos
  • Ahmedabad to Lusaka
  • Abidjan to Chennai
  • Abuja to Chennai
  • Accra to Chennai
  • Addis ababa to Chennai
  • Adelaide to Chennai
  • Auckland to Chennai
  • Algiers to Chennai
  • Ahmedabad to Chennai
  • Amsterdam to Chennai
  • Ahmedabad to Madrid
  • Ahmedabad to Manchester
  • Ahmedabad to Muscat
  • Ahmedabad to Madinah
  • Auckland to Melbourne
  • Ahmedabad to Memphis
  • Ahmedabad to Mexico city
  • Ahmedabad to Melbourne
  • Ahmedabad to Male
  • Ahmedabad to Monroe
  • Ahmedabad to Mauritius
  • Ahmedabad to Minneapolis st paul
  • Ahmedabad to New orleans
  • Ahmedabad to Munich
  • Ahmedabad to Milan
  • Ahmedabad to Nairobi
  • Ahmedabad to Tokyo
  • Ahmedabad to Nuremberg
  • Ahmedabad to Odessa
  • Ahmedabad to Oklahoma city
  • Ahmedabad to Omaha
  • Ahmedabad to Chicago
  • Ahmedabad to Norfolk
  • Accra to Patna
  • Addis ababa to Patna
  • Amsterdam to Patna
  • Ahmedabad to West palm beach
  • Ahmedabad to Beijing
  • Ahmedabad to Phoenix
  • Ahmedabad to Pittsburgh
  • Ahmedabad to Pensacola
  • Ahmedabad to Prague
  • Ahmedabad to Providence
  • Ahmedabad to Shanghai
  • Amsterdam to Rajkot
  • Ahmedabad to Raleigh
  • Addis ababa to Rajahmundry
  • Ahmedabad to Reno
  • Ahmedabad to Rochester
  • Ahmedabad to Riyadh
  • Ahmedabad to San diego
  • Ahmedabad to Savannah
  • Ahmedabad to Istanbul
  • Ahmedabad to State college
  • Ahmedabad to Seattle
  • Ahmedabad to Mahe island
  • Ahmedabad to San francisco
  • Ahmedabad to Ho chi minh city
  • Ahmedabad to Shreveport
  • Ahmedabad to Singapore
  • Ahmedabad to Bradenton sarasota
  • Ahmedabad to London
  • Ahmedabad to Moscow
  • Auckland to Sydney
  • Ahmedabad to Tampa
  • Ahmedabad to Taipei
  • Addis ababa to Trivandrum
  • Amsterdam to Trivandrum
  • Ahmedabad to Tulsa
  • Ahmedabad to Tabuk
  • Ahmedabad to Uberlandia
  • Ahmedabad to Vienna
  • Ahmedabad to Moscow
  • Abuja to Varanasi
  • Ahmedabad to Edmonton
  • Ahmedabad to Fort mcmurray
  • Ahmedabad to Ottawa
  • Ahmedabad to Quebec
  • Ahmedabad to Thunder bay
  • Ahmedabad to Montreal
  • Ahmedabad to Vancouver
  • Ahmedabad to Winnipeg
  • Ahmedabad to Saskatoon
  • Ahmedabad to Calgary
  • Ahmedabad to Toronto
  • Ahmedabad to Zurich
  • Top Rated Airlines

      • S

        by Suraj on 02-Jul-2017

        Just Amazing

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • V

        by Vogireddi on 01-Jul-2017


        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • A

        by Ajit on 01-Jul-2017

        Food needs to be

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely
      • Z

        by Zishan on 03-Jul-2017

        I had asked a male crew member to provide ear plug - he said Emirates has stopped providing the same. Whereas the same was provided on earlier flight ! Later I had used slip for serving dinner - while i dozed, the dinner was not served even though the slip was pasted. I pinged for crew to attend me, the same crew turned up after 10 mins, and started preparing passengers for descend - I request him to provide a soft drink or juice, he said since flight has started to descend he cannot provide. When I asked for feedback form - he said its not available and i Have to share it online - I asked for cabin supervisor, Ms shweta turned up and wanted to know what happened - I explained to her I needed a drink and the person refused - she offered to provide the drink but since i wanted to give feedback i asked for the name of the crew. Mr Shweta said she will return with the name - and until the flight landed she did not turn up.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely
      • M

        by Mohammad on 28-Jun-2017

        I am happy to flight with you

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely
      • S

        by Shrinidhi on 14-Jun-2017

        The cabin crew were very late in attending service

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • S

        by Sanjeev on 20-Jun-2017

        Very very gud flight but plzz upload the hindi movies Emirets flight v gud but in Quantas flight not upload the hindi movies 7 hour very boring. Thanks

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • A

        by Abhishek on 23-Jun-2017

        Great Flight on Emirates to and from brussels.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • S

        by Suresh Kumar on 06-Jul-2017

        service is not good

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly unlikely
      • S

        by Sweta on 14-Jun-2017

        No additional feedback

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • H

        by Hemambara Babu on 2016-06-03

        Dubai to Birmingham Flight experience is Excellent whereas the flight is bad from Dubai to Hyderabad. It happens to us always. Dubai to Hyderabad to vice versa is always bad!

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely
      • S

        by Sunil on 2016-05-31

        Fixed menu but they still give you the menu staff in the flight is not pleasant except for few

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly unlikely
      • S

        by Sunil on 2016-05-31

        Crew in the flight is not welcoming,there are no choices in the meals,they don't welcome you if you ask for hard drink,staff only smile when pessengers leave after landing

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely
      • R

        by Rakesh on 2016-05-28

        Food for veggies thr should be more choice

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • D

        by Devadyuti on 2016-05-28

        I have been a regular flier with the Emirates Airlines and a Skywards member: EK 445 930 192. Although I enjoyed my flight from New Delhi to Milan, it's always the return journey that is the biggest disappointment. After a long flight which began in Munich, we get bundled into a poor plane for flight number EK 510 back to New Delhi. The flight was full of uneducated, labourers indulging in pushing and shoving which one doesn't need after a long flight and more that four hour layover. Being seated next to such a labourer was even worse...putting his disgusting feet up on the seat and shoving me throughout the three-hour flight and as a result I couldn't grab a wink of sleep. In future, I will never take a Emirates or a middle-eastern carrier long-haul flight. It is much better to have a long layover in anywhere in Europe and advice others to do the same.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely
      • N

        by Nagaraj on 2016-05-27

        It was pleasant flight experience with very nice cabin crew and various amenities.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • T

        by Thomas on 2016-05-26

        Food and beverages served after 2 hours of flight departure from JFK. To Catch a flight at 11 pm reporting time 8 pm to reach had to leave by 5;40 pm. It will be appreciated if they could serve a welcome drink on boarding as they do in flights leaving Dubai. Otherwise it was good experience

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely
      • S

        by Sv on 2016-05-25

        The hospitality from Dubai-JFK flight was disgusting. Airhostess service poor with grim face while removing the food plates and when requested for water did not serve even after lapse of an hour. I observe the hostesses were engaged in chit-chat than serving the passengers.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
      • A

        by Anju on 2016-05-24

        Despite of web check-in from mumbai.., baggage drop was time consuming nearly 1.5 hours and chaotic. Delayed departure.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
      • A

        by Anju on 2016-05-24

        Despite of web check-in from mumbai.., baggage drop was time consuming nearly 1.5 hours and chaotic. Delayed departure.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely