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Emirates Flight Status

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Emirates Airline Flight Status

About Emirates 

Emirates started in 1985 with just two aircrafts. Today it has a fleet of over 230 aircrafts. A subsidiary of the Emirates Group, this airline is based out of Dubai and is one of the largest airlines in the Middle East. It operates over 3600 flights from its hub in Dubai International Airport to 140 cities in 81 countries. It is the fourth largest airline in comparison to international passengers carried by other airlines. In 2016, Emirates Airlines was awarded the World’s Best Airline and the 12th consecutive award for best in-flight entertainment at Skytrax World Airline Award 2016.

Why should you choose Emirates?

Emirates offers a wide range of regionally inspired dishes. Special meal options in all classes are offered based on dietary restrictions, age, preference, and religious observance. Special meals must be ordered at least 24 hours before flight departure. Also, enjoy some complimentary drinks. In-flight entertainment is available in all the three classes. Enjoy movies, TV series, music, and games. In-flight Wi-Fi, mobile phone, and data roaming services are also available.

Enjoy access to lounges in 32 cities subject to eligibility. The Emirates App lets you explore a range of services. You can search and book flights, manage your journey, flights check in online, download your boarding pass, and manage your Emirates Skywards account.

How do you check flight PNR status for Emirates?

To check the Emirates pnr status, log on to the official website of Emirates https://www.emirates.com/in/English/

• Choose your local area. For instance, if you wish to check a flight from India, click on the India tab in location.< /p>

• Click on the Manage tab and navigate to Flight status.

• Click on Flight no or Route.

• Enter the flight number or Destination and Arrival City along with Date. Then click on Search.

• The scheduled arrival and departure times will be displayed on your screen.

What should you do in case of flight cancellation?

If an Emirates airline flight is cancelled without prior notice, the passengers are entitled to compensation benefits from any one of the following three:

• Reimbursement of fare paid for the ticket for the part of the carriage not used, and for those part of the carriage used, if the cancelled flight defeats the purpose of your original travel plans. Then you will be carried to your first point of departure via the next earliest available flight.

• You will be re-routed on the next earliest flight with suitable space to your destination.

• You will be re-routed on a later date on a flight with suitable space available to your final destination city.

• You can also get reimbursement depending on the length of your flight.

• You will also be given meals and refreshments during your waiting time.

• Hotel accommodation, in case overnight stay at the boarding city is unavoidable.

Popular routes of Emirates

Dubai to Paris, Dubai to London, Dubai to Los Angeles, Dubai to Toronto, and Dubai to Germany are some of the key routes flown by Emirates.

What are the benefits of booking with Emirates? 

Emirates try their best to make your journey comfortable:

• Child-friendly amenities - For people travelling with kids, special attention is given. There are special meal facilities for the kids as well as entertainment on board.

• Seat selection – Travelers can opt to book their seats in advance when check-in opens. You can also pay to get that perfect seat of your choice.

• Lounges for relaxation – Emirates travelers can access its lounges in 32 cities depending on eligibility. The lounge at Dubai airport offers soothing spa, massage, or beauty treatment.


Emirates Airline FAQs:

Q. What are the benefits of flying First Class?
A.First Class with Emirates airlines is truly on another level, and will definitely be an experience to remember. You can relax in complete privacy, closed doors and unwind in your own personal cinema with drinks from your mini-bar. Passengers are also given luxury toiletries and custom nightwear, along with gourmet dishes of their choice.

Q. Why should I choose Business Class over Economy Class?
A.The cost may be higher, but Business Class of Emirates Airlines comes with its own perks. Business Class passengers have access to the lounges within the flight, where they can mingle with other jet-setters. The seats are perfect for some extensive relaxing, and you can even lie down and choose a drink at convenience.

Q. Which are some of the major international destinations to which Emirates airlines fly from India?
A.Flights to the Middle East are immensely popular from the nation, so there are flights to Dubai and Kuwait from major Indian airports like Cochin, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. Another much-traveled destination is New York, so Emirates Airlines also has flights to The Big Apple from Bangalore and Mumbai.

Q. What are some of the popular routes within India which Emirates caters to?
A.Popular Emirates flights within the nation include Mumbai to Kolkata, Bangalore to Delhi and Mumbai to Delhi. These flights are usually available every day of the week.

Q. When will I receive flight status alert messages, and how many?
A.You will receive real-time alerts 24/7 from Emirates about any change in the original flight schedules.

Q. What are the perks associated with Economy Class in Emirates Airlines?
A.Passengers in Economy Class are treated with gourmet meals inspired by the region, in-flight internet connectivity and exemplary service. The in-flight entertainment features over 2500 channels, and kids even get special attention while flying.

Q. What are the different classes available in Emirates airlines?
A.Emirates airlines have three main classes, Economy, Business and First Class. Economy class is the wallet-friendly option, while First Class leaves you with a flying experience you can never forget.

Q. What is the average price for Economy Class to get to the Middle East through Emirates airlines?
A.The price varies according to the source city and the destination, with many starting points available including Cochin, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. Flying from Cochin is the cheapest, with the price amounting to around Rs 5800. The average price per seat comes up to be around Rs. 8000 for economy class.

Q. What are the perks of the Passenger Lounge of Emirates?
A.Emirates Passenger lounges are known for the comfort levels and relaxing activities they offer to passengers. Emirates lounges are set up in 32 cities around the world and can be accessed by passengers depending upon eligibility. The Dubai lounge, for example, has a spa, massage centre and beauty treatment options.

Q. Is Emirates Airlines family friendly?
A.In fact, Emirates Airlines is among the most family-friendly airlines in the world. Travellers with kids are given special attention by the staff, and special meal facilities along with entertainment options tailored to kids are available on board.

Q. What happens if the waiting time due to flight delay is too long?
A.The passengers are taken to the lounge, and refreshment drinks and meals are given during the time of waiting. Hotel accommodation is also provided if overnight stay becomes unavoidable.

Q. What are some of the key routes which Emirates airlines cater to?
A.Emirates airlines is originally based out of the UAE, so it is no surprise that its common routes all feature Dubai. Flights between Dubai and Paris, London, Los Angeles, Toronto and Germany are some of the key routes used by the Emirates airlines.

Q. Do I get my money back in case my Emirates airline flight status shows delayed?
A.If your initial travel plans become invalid because of the delayed flight, you have the option to get a reimbursement of the fare paid for the ticket. However, it is only for the part of the carriage not used, and you are carried to the first point of departure via the next earliest flight.

Q. What if my Emirates airline flight status shows delayed? Can I still get to my destination?
A.If an Emirates airline flight status shows delayed, the passengers are usually re-routed on the next earliest fight with the required space to your destination. Else, you will be re-routed on a later date on a flight with suitable space to your final destination.

Q. What are some perks of flying with Emirates?
A.The in-flight entertainment of Emirates consists of a range of TV shows, music and games. You also get in-flight WiFi and data roaming services along with complimentary drinks and amazing meals.

Q. How would I know in case my Emirates airline flight status shows cancelled?
A.Emirates airline flight status shows cancelled, rest assured you will get a call from the airlines informing you of the situation, in case you booked the ticket yourself. If you booked it via a travel agency, the airlines will call the agency and pass on the message.

Q. Why should I choose Emirates for my flying experience?
A.Emirates has made a name in the industry for its customer service and comfort levels. Customers can order special meals in case they have any preferences, and also enjoy complimentary drinks during the flight. All of the passengers get a wide variety of in-flight entertainment options too, to keep them engaged for the duration of the flight.

Q. Why is Emirates so famous?
A.Emirates is known all around the world for its service and features, which truly make the airlines a class apart. The passengers are treated extremely well by the flight staff, and the seating is plush and comfortable. The food caters to every palette, made from the freshest ingredients and the drinks served on board are of the finest quality.

Q. How can I navigate the Emirates website to get my Emirates airline flight status?
A.You need to choose the local area initially (eg. India, for flights from India). Then proceed to the manage tab, and click on flight status. After that, you choose either the flight no. option or the source-destination option, and enter the pertaining details along with the date. After clicking on search, you get the required details of Emirates airline flight status on your screen.

Q. What are the details required to check the Emirates airline flight status?
A.To check the Emirates airline flight status, you need some details pertaining to the flight in mention. You can either use the source and destination of the journey to find the status of all flights in the route or use the flight no. to get the required details.

Q. How can one check for the Emirates airline flight status update?
A.The flight status tells you about the status of the plane right now, including details like whether it has been delayed or if it has taken off. The Emirates airline flight status is available on the official website of Emirates, www.emirates.com/in/English

Q. Does Emirates send out email and SMS about flight status?
A.Yes, Emirates sends out free emails and SMS alerts about the status of their flights. Registration is required to get these alerts.

Q. What information will Emirates flight status alert contain?
A.The flight status alert will contain the Emirates flight number, date of departure or arrival, airport and terminal of departure or arrival, scheduled departure or arrival time, estimated departure or arrival time, PNR status or flight status.

Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
A.In case you do not receive an email or an SMS alert on your flight status, you can get in touch with Emirates through one of the following ways:
  • • Contact their Web Support on their helpline number: +91 22 33773377.
  • • Get in touch with Emirates through social media on their Facebook page, or on Twitter. Team members are available 24/7 to help you with any query.

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