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    • Lowest fare for passenger with hand baggage only.
    • No free check-in baggage allowance.
    • The hand baggage only fare will be available on most direct domestic flights(including via flights), with minimum 15 days advanced purchase. Connecting flights are not included.
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IRAN AIR Flight Status

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Iran Air Flight Status

About Iran Air

  Iran Air, founded in 1944, is the national carrier of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and is headquartered at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran. Its main hubs are located at Tehran-Imam Khomeini Airport, serving international destinations, and Tehran-Mehrabad Airport for domestic flights. With a fleet of 36 aircrafts, Iran Air operates scheduled flights to 59 destinations, in Europe and Asia.

Iran Air also codeshares with airlines, such as Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines.

Why should you choose Iran Air? 

  Iran Air offers competitive prices for all its flights and operates frequent flights at convenient timings. Generous baggage allowance, authentic and delicious Iranian cuisine, and reasonably priced flights are some of the perks of travelling by Iran Air. The different classes are: Economy, Homa, and SkyGift (Frequent Flyer Program).

Enjoy warm meals and snacks on flights that are longer than one hour in duration. Order special or diet meals at the time of booking or intimate your requirements 48 hours prior to your flight, at Ticket Sales Centers, or to your booking agent. In Homa Class, enjoy elegant service in china dishes, 3 choices in main course, with 8 varieties of tea, herbal tea, and fruit with warm meals.

View chosen movies, documentaries, and some select music clips, for the duration of your flight, on certain routes.

Premium travelers can relax in the elegant Homa Lounges, in certain airports.

How do you check flight status for Iran Air?

  The homepage of Iran Air has a convenient option to check the flight status of the flights it operates.

• Log onto main page of the airline’s web portal at: http://iranair.com/Portal/home/?16262/IranAir-Portal-Main-Page
• Scroll down and select Flight Status.

Fill in the relevant information in the fields – Flight Number, Origin, and Destination, and select Check.

What does the airline do in case of flight cancellation?

  In the event of a canceled flight, Iran Air will:

• Inform the passengers by an SMS alert.
• Provide some facilities during the waiting period such as refreshments and meals.
• Make alternate arrangements to get you to your destination.

Key routes of Iran Air

  Tehran to London, Tehran to Moscow, Tehran to Paris, Tehran to Frankfurt, Tehran to Beirut, Tehran to Mumbai, Tehran to Karachi, and Tehran to Doha are some of the key routes of Iran Air.

What are the benefits of booking with Iran Air? 

Iran Air has some special services for its patrons, all designed to make for hassle-free travel.

• Book online at the homepage of the airline:http://iranair.com/Portal/home/?16262/IranAir-Portal-Main-Page by clicking on Online Booking – Internet Ticket Sales. Through this, you can select seats, order special meals, and opt for special services such as wheelchairs, etc. You also have an option for Telephone Ticketing at 46621888.
• Iran Air has a messaging service on its homepage, wherein you can send a message to the airline and receive a reply by SMS, within Iran on domestic service providers, or by email, if using an international cell phone service.
• The airline offers a range of special services, which can be accessed at the time of booking at the Ticket Sales centers.
For unaccompanied minors (UM), flight attendants will undertake total responsibility of the UM (who will need to carry all relevant documents and authorization from guardians), during the flight. They will be handed over, with all accompanying information, to the next airline, if they are continuing the journey.
Infants are provided with bassinets on most flights, and those wishing an extra seat due to health or special baggage requirements, will be given so, on payment.
Pets are allowed in the hold, provided they have crossed the relevant health checks.
For the physically challenged or the ill, the airline makes provision like wheelchairs, etc. after prior intimation, before check- in.
• The airline offers special flights for Hajj pilgrims, the details of which are in their special website: http://haj.iranair.com Hajj Operations Section Telephone lines: +9821 4662 5188 and +98 21 4662 5189 or, Fax: +98 21 4662 8370
To contact the Iran Air sales office in the Hajj and Pilgrimage organization, call
+98 21 6658 2135


Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
A. You can contact Air Iran Public Relations, at the following numbers:

• Telephone Number: +98 21 46624420
• Fax: +98 21 46628222
• Cell phone message: 30007632
• Email: pr@iranair.com