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GOL Linhas Aereas Flight Status

About GOL Linhas Aereas

GOL Linhas Aereas, commonly known as GOL Airlines, started its operation in January 2001. It provides both passenger and cargo services. They were one of the first Brazilian airlines to launch mobile check in services to its passengers. The airline is one of the major ones in Brazil, operating over 900 flights every day. Smiles the miles program helps the passengers to earn miles while they travel.

Why should you choose GOL Linhas Aereas? 

GOL provides low-cost flying options to travelers in South America. Light, nutritious, and healthy snacks are served on all domestic flights. In the international flights, hot or cold meal and beverages are served. The airline offers adequate in-flight entertainment options, so that the passengers can quickly catch a movie or a TV show. The in-flight magazine is also available for passengers. The GOL app can be downloaded to get information about the flight and to make modifications.

Premium lounges are available for the use of passengers in Sau Paulo Airport. Passengers can use these lounges while waiting for their flights. They have special menu, assortment of beverages, free Wi-Fi, showers, and business centers for work. You can access these lounges by taking a membership or making a payment.

How do you check flight status for GOL Linhas Aereas?

To check the status of any GOL Linhas Aereas flight, log on to the official website of GOL Linhas Aereas - https://www.voegol.com.br/en/.

• Click on the Flight Status tab.
• Choose the date and click on Flight number or Destination.
• Enter the flight number or Travel to and from city. Then click on Consult.
• The information will be shown on the screen.

What does the airline do in case of flight cancellation?

If a situation arises for a flight to be cancelled, GOL makes all the attempts to compensate their passengers:

Rebooking them in the next available flight or another carrier flight.
Meal, transport, and hotel vouchers are provided when applicable.
Key routes of GOL Linhas Aereas

Sau Paulo to Buenos Aires, Sau Paulo to Brasilia, and Sau Paul to Iguassu Falls are some of the key routes of GOL Linhas Aereas.

What are the benefits of booking with GOL Linhas Aereas? 

Amongst the host of benefits offered by GOL Linhas Aereas to make the journey convenient for travelers of all ages, here are some of the significant ones:

• Child-friendly amenities – Special attention is given to passengers travelling with infants or kids.
• Express Baggage facility - The passengers can weight their own bags, tag them, and drop them off at the baggage counter.
• Facilities for Elderly – For elderly people traveling alone, priority services are offered. The airline needs to be informed 48 hours in advance for assistance.
• Seat selection – Travelers can opt to book their seats in advance during booking their ticket or later during check-in.
• Lounges for relaxation – Sau Paulo airport has premium lounges with state of the art facilities to make their passengers comfortable while waiting for their flight.


Q. Does GOL Linhas Aereas send out email and SMS about flight status?
A. GOL does not send SMS alerts. They update the information on their system and make announcements at the boarding gate.

Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
A. In case you do not receive an email or an SMS alert on your flight status, you can get in touch with GOL Linhas Aereas through one of the following ways:
• Contact their Web Support throughout the week and live chat with a representative.
• Contact them on their helpline number: 1 855862 9190.
• Get in touch with GOL Linhas Aereas through social media on their Facebook page or on Twitter .Their teams are available 24/7 to help travelers with any travel-related query.