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ONUR AIR Flight Status

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Onur Air Flight Status

About Onur Air

Established on 14th April 1992, Onur Air is a low-cost airline that majorly operates from its base at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. The first flight of Onur Air was operated on a wet-leased Airbus, but by 1995 the Onur Air had acquired nine aircraft in its fleet. Ten Tour, one of the leading companies in the tourism sector, acquired ownership of the airlines in 1996. Onur Air has been expanding its fleet since 1999. Currently, it has 24 aircraft in its fleet, which fly to 38 destinations. The Airline has provided safe passage to over 16 million passengers as of 2011.

Why should you choose Onur Air?

The company slogan of Onur Air reads ‘fly smart’, and they indeed fly smart. From the on-point punctuality of the airlines to the smartly dressed crew that serve the passengers with great enthusiasm, Onur Air provides you a pleasurable experience every time you fly with them.

Delectable meals, safety policies, on-air magazines, and baggage facilities are also provided by the airlines which make traveling with Onur airlines easy and comfortable.

How do you check flight status for Onur Air?

Flight status can be checked using Flight Stats, by entering the flight number, the airport, or the routes.

• For the By Flight option, enter the Airline name, flight number, and departure date. Click on Search. The arrival time, departure time, and arrival gate number will be displayed.

• For the By Airport option, enter the Airport name, date, and time period. Click on Search. The destination, airline name, departure time, and status of the airline will be displayed.

• For the By Route option, enter the departure airport, arrival airport name, and date. Click on Search. The airline name, departure time, arrival time, and status of the airline will be displayed.

What does the airline do in case of flight cancellation?

The Onur Air is operated from Turkey and hence, comes under the European Law.

• According to the passenger rights regulation policy, any passenger delayed for more than 3 hours, without a just cause, is entitled to a maximum refund of £450.
• In case of flight cancellations, the airlines either replace you on an alternate flight or gives you a refund.
• The airlines may also provide you a complimentary meal and free overnight accommodation.

Key routes of Onur Air

Istanbul to Amsterdam, Istanbul to Berlin, Istanbul to Dusseldorf, and Istanbul to Paris are the key routes of Onur Air.

What are the benefits of booking with Onur Air?

Following are some of the perks of traveling by Onur Air:

• Senior Citizen Care: Onur air provides good care of its senior citizen passengers. Wheelchairs are provided at the airport for elder people and passengers with walking ailments.
• Shuttle bus services are also provided by the airline.


Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
Get in touch with Onur Air through one of the following ways:

• Contact their head office on their helpline number: +90 212 468 66 87
• Get in touch with Onur Air through social media on their Facebook page or on Twitter. You can also follow the airline on Instagram and YouTube.