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    • Lowest fare for passenger with hand baggage only.
    • No free check-in baggage allowance.
    • The hand baggage only fare will be available on most direct domestic flights(including via flights), with minimum 15 days advanced purchase. Connecting flights are not included.
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Q. Does Philippine Airlines offer web check-in?
A. Yes, Philippine Airlines offers web check-in.

Q. What are electronic payment modes accepted by Yatra.com to book a Philippine Airlines ticket?
A. You can use either a credit card or a debit one to book a Philippine Airlines flight ticket with Yatra.com. You can also use other payment methods like internet banking and third-party payment gateways.

Q. Which is the top route of Philippine Airlines?
A. The Delhi to Bangkok flight is the top Philippine Airlines route.

Q. How many Philippine Airlines flights operate daily?
A. Philippine Airlines flies to 29 domestic destinations and 50 international destinations in countries across Oceania, Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Q. Which are the cheapest Philippine Airlines routes?
A. Fares start from INR 29,236 from Mumbai to Manila. Fly from Abu Dhabi to Manila for INR 30,889 only. You can travel from Manila to New York for INR 53,045 (round trip, including all taxes, fees and surcharges).

Q. What is the baggage limit for Philippine Airlines for domestic routes including cabin baggage?
A. The baggage limit for domestic routes varies according to travel class:

• Economy Class: 2 bags of up to 32 kg
• Premium Economy Class: 2 bags of up to 32 kg each
• Business Class: 2 bags of up to 32 kg each
• First Class: Free baggage allowance up to 15 kg each

Q. Does Philippine Airlines offer online seat preference reservation?
A. Yes, Philippine Airlines offers online seat preference reservation.

Q. How many domestic and international destinations does Philippine Airlines serve?
A. Philippine Airlines serves 31 different destinations within the Philippines and 41 other destinations across the globe.

Q. How can a passenger avail all the necessary flight information about a Philippine Airlines flight?
A. A passenger can avail all the necessary information about a Philippine Airlines flight from the official website using the PNR number.

Q. Can a passenger modify travel details after making the Philippine Airlines flight booking?
A. A passenger is allowed to change the travel date, origin/destination, and contact information against a flight ticket. He/she can also purchase ancillary items such as prepaid baggage and travel insurance after making the Philippine Airlines flight booking.

Q. What information is necessary to make adjustments in the travel itinerary while traveling with Philippine Airlines?
A. A passenger needs only the last name as well as confirmation/reservation number to make the adjustments. The reservation number can be found on the passenger’s e-ticket. The person also needs to have a working credit/debit card to make the changes that require additional payment for the Philippine Airlines booking.

Q. Can I avail refund on my Philippine Airlines flight ticket after canceling it?
A. Yatra.com offers a wide variety of completely refundable, partially refundable and non-refundable tickets for Philippine Airlines flights. A passenger needs to carefully select the type of ticket. In case of a refundable ticket, the passenger can claim the refund amount as per the guidelines on the ticket.

Q. How can I avail the e-ticket for my Philippine Airlines flight after booking it with Yatra.com?
A. Yatra.com will automatically send the e-ticket to your registered email ID after you finish booking. In case you do not receive the ticket on email, you need to contact the Yatra.com customer helpline immediately.

Q. Are there any hidden costs associated while traveling with Philippine Airlines and on booking a ticket with Yatra.com?
A. No, there are no hidden costs associated with the Philippine Airlines flight booking on Yatra.com or otherwise.

Q. Does Philippine Airlines offer a web check-in service?
A. Yes, a passenger can perform web check-in 24 hours prior to the boarding time.

Q. What are the benefits of a web check-in service offered by Philippine Airlines?
A. Once a person goes for the Philippine Airlines web checkin he/she does not need to wait in the queue at the check-in counter at the airport. Instead, he/she can head straight to the security check counter after finishing the check-in procedure for the baggage. The passenger can also select a preferred seat on using the Philippine Airlines web check-in service.

Q. What are the different travel classes available while booking a flight ticket with Philippine Airlines?
A. The different travel classes available with Philippine Airlines flights include Economy, First, Business, and Premium Economy.

Q. What time should a passenger reach the airport terminal to safely board the flight?
A. A passenger should reach at least 3 hours prior to the flight departure time to safely board an international flight. This gives him/her ample time to check-in the luggage and complete all the onboarding formalities. In case the passenger is carrying only hand baggage, he/she can reach the airport 2 hours prior to the Philippine Airlines flight departure.

Q. What is the excess baggage allowance policy followed by Philippine Airlines?
A. The airline allows its passengers to carry only a limited amount of baggage on board. In case of excess baggage, the individual needs to pay extra to carry the articles on the flight according to the Philippine Airlines baggage policy.

Q. How can a passenger check the flight status after booking a ticket with Philippine Airlines?
A. A passenger can easily log in to the official website of the airline to check the Philippine Airlines flight status. The same information is also available on various display monitors at the airport.

Q. What happens if the flight arrives at the destination airport later than suggested?
A. The passenger can ask for a partial refund of the ticket fee in case of a late Philippine Airlines flight arrival, if he/she has opted for flight insurance while booking the flight ticket.

Q. How can a passenger check the departure time for a Philippine Airlines international flight?
A. The passenger can check the Philippine Airlines flight departure status from the information printed on the e-ticket. He/she can also access the same information from the boarding pass as well as the display monitors located at the departure terminal of the airport.

Q. How can I avail a cheap ticket for the most popular Philippine Airlines flight route?
A. You can avail a cheap ticket for a popular Philippine Airlines route by booking a ticket well in advance. It is advisable to book the flight ticket at least 15 days prior to the travel date. You can also compare the prices of Philippine Airlines flight tickets for various calendar days on Yatra.com.

Q. Can a passenger avail the boarding pass for the flight from the website?
A. Yes, a passenger can download and take a print out of the boarding pass from the official Philippine Airlines website to facilitate a faster check-in procedure.

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      by James panimdim on 2018-02-05

      Fair to good overall rating

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely
    • M

      by Manju on 2018-01-03

      The flight was delayed by 5 hours n no intimation before...Connecting flight from vancouver to Toronto didnt provide any meals. Worst flight..Nightmare

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely
    • V

      by Vikas on 2017-10-23

      I opted for vegeterian meal, however it was not provided to me by Philippines airlines (PR - 736). I was unable to do web check in "Jet Airways" since I was being asked for additional ���1000 for any seats I choose.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
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      by Rajesh on 2016-03-18

      the client handling at changi airport was poor as the chinese staff there were rude to my wife and even though she had done online check-in, was made to join the queue for nomal passengers. she want to do a baggage drop which was not permitted.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
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      by Mary Joy Valerie on 2014-12-07

      I had a problem with connecting to the in flight wifi on my flight from bangkok to mnl. Also there was an alarming sound of the aircraft which made me uncomfortable and the pilot did not announce that the descent would start so I thought something wrong was happening.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
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      by Ruchika on 2014-10-06

      Please include option to enter requested special meal details (like Vegetarian Meal etc)

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