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Thai Airways Flight Status

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Thai Airways PNR Status

About Thai Airways International

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) is the national carrier of Thailand. Founded in 1960, THAI operates an average of 1,066 roundtrip flights per week on domestic, regional, and intercontinental routes. THAI, which joined the STAR alliance in 1997, as a founding member, has its hub at Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport. With 153 daily departures, THAI flies 21.2 million passengers annually, to 74 destinations in 31 countries, with a fleet of over 90 aircrafts. Thai Smile and low-cost carrier, Nok Air, are its subsidiary airlines.

THAI has won numerous awards internationally, since its formation. Most recently, at the Skytrax 2017 World Airline Awards Ceremony, it bagged the World’s Best Economy Class, Best Economy Class Onboard Catering, and for the third consecutive year, World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa. It is also one of the three airlines with the World’s Best Airport Services 2017, as well as the Best Economy Class Airline Seats.

Why should you choose Thai Airways? 

Thai Airways aims to be the “First Choice Carrier with Touches of Thai”, whether travelling by Royal First Class, Royal Silk Class (Business) and Economy. In economy, relax in wide seats with generous leg-room, and enjoy snacks and hot meals on all THAI flights. Fresh salads, breads, and desserts, as well as wines, beverages, and spirits, accompany every main course. Special meals can be pre-ordered before boarding.

Amenities such as a pillow and blanket (on all classes), and slippers, comfort-wear, and a designer travel kit are provided for Premium travelers. Premium travelers are treated to a hot towel, and vintage champagne at take-off, and can enjoy special selections from Thai, Western, and Oriental cuisine. They also have access to exclusive lounges of THAI and partner airlines around the world.

Enjoy classic, and latest in-flight entertainment through large personal screens, with a wide array of choices in movies, short films, games, music, and news. Thai Sky-Connect provides in-flight Wi-Fi services, on its Airbus aircrafts, (except over China and India), with fees payable by either credit or debit cards.

How do you check flight status for Thai Airways?

To check the status of any Thai Airways flight, log on to the official website of Thai Airways http://www.thaiairways.com/en_IN/index.page?

• In the HOME tab, click on the FLIGHT INFO option.

• Enter the Origin, Destination, Date, Time, and Flight Number.


A new window is displayed showing the flight status.

What should you do in case of flight cancellation?

In case of a canceled flight, passengers holding a valid reservation aboard Thai Airways, are entitled to re-routing, care, refund, and/or compensation. THAI assures the following steps:

• The amount of compensation shall be paid in cash, cheque, or transfer, or with the passenger’s agreement, in form of vouchers.

• The amount of compensation depends on the distance of the scheduled or alternative flight proposed.

• Meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation to the waiting time.

• Hotel accommodation with transfer costs.

• The option of making two telephone calls, or sending two short faxes or e-mails.

Top routes of Thai Airways

Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Hong Kong, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Seoul-Incheon, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Chiang Mai, and Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Phuket are some of the key routes of Thai Airways.

What are the benefits of booking with Thai Airways?

Thai Airways strives to provide its patrons with a ‘smooth as silk’ flying experience, by providing several amenities: Online booking, seat selection, web-check-in, and pre-ordering of special meals can be done via the official website of THAI via Booking and My Booking tabs on the home page.

Pre-booking is available for the ‘unaccompanied minor service’ (except for overnight stops or stop-overs exceeding 6 hrs.), and for wheelchairs.

Pets (except some specified breeds) can be taken onboard, via check-in, and will travel in a special temperature controlled environment. Guide dogs for the blind can be taken aboard at no charge, after prior intimation, and after due processes of quarantine and documentation.

  Lounges and Spa – THAI Royal Silk and Royal Orchid lounges are available for THAI's premium passengers in various domestic and international destinations. They are also entitled to enjoy the world-famous Thai Massage treatments at the Royal Orchid Spa.

THAI's frequent flyer program, the Royal Orchid Plus has a membership of over two million passengers.

Thai Airways FAQs:

Q. What do I do if I have not received any emails or text messages about my Thai Airways flight status?
A.You can check your Thai Airways flight status and related information 24/7 by dialing 1566 in Bangkok or (02)1566 from elsewhere in Thailand. Just follow the instructions to get your flight details.

Q. What happens if my Thai Airways flight status shows cancelled?
A.If Thai Airways PNR status shows cancelled and you have a valid reservation with Thai Airways, you are entitled to re-routing, care, and refund/compensation.

Q. How can I go about checking my Thai Airways flight status?
A.To know about your Thai Airways flight status, first log on to http://www.thaiairways.com/en_IN/index.page? Locate the ‘Home’ tab and choose the ‘Flight Info’ option. Just enter the required details such as place of origin, destination, date, time, and flight number before you click on ‘Check Flight’.

Q. Does Thai Airways operate flights to New Zealand from India? What is the time difference between the two nations?
A.Yes, Thai Airways flies from New Delhi, India, to Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand is 7.5 hours ahead of India.

Q. What will I do if my Thai Airways flight status has suddenly changed to cancelled and there is a delay in finding an alternative?
A.Thai Airways gives you the assurance that in case your Thai Airways flight status shows as cancelled and you have a valid reservation, and there is a significant delay before your alternative flight boards, you will be provided with hotel accommodation inclusive of transfer costs. Meals and refreshments will also be providing in reasonable relation to the waiting time.

Q. When a Thai Airways flight status shows cancelled, what type of compensation is issued?
A.When a Thai Airways flight status shows cancelled, compensation can be paid in cash, cheque, or transfer, or with the passenger’s agreement, in form of vouchers. The amount will depend on the distance of the scheduled or alternative flight offered.

Q. What are the services that are available for pre-booking on Thai Airways?
A.Unaccompanied minor service that does not involve overnight stops or stopovers of more than six hours as well as wheelchairs qualify for pre-booking on Thai Airways.

Q. Does Thai Airways permit guide dogs on board?
A.Yes, Thai Airways permits guide dogs for the blind on board at no extra charge. But the airline has to be intimated about this in advance and the due processes of quarantine and documentation have to be completed.

Q. How do I obtain my Mobile Boarding Pass from Thai Airways?
A.You can access the official Thai Airways website from any of your internet devices and complete the formalities. Then, you can get a pint out of your boarding pass or save it on your portable device. This facility can be availed of for multiple passengers too.

Q. What kind of food is available in economy class flights of Thai Airways?
A.Fresh salads, breads, desserts, wines, beverages, and spirits are served alongside the main course on every flight. Special meals can be pre-ordered before boarding.

Q. In case of Thai Airways flight status showing cancelled, how will I communicate change in my travel plans to my family or work associates since I do not have international calling facility on my phone?
A.In the event of Thai Airways flight status showing cancelled, Thai Airways will provide you the option of making two telephone calls, or sending two short faxes or e-mails.

Q. What amenities are available to Premium travelers on Thai Airways?
A. Besides a pillow and blanket, Premium travelers are provided slippers, comfort wear, a designer travel kit, hot towel, vintage champagne at take-off, and a choice of cuisines including Thai, Oriental, and Western. Premium travelers also get access to exclusive lounges of Thai Airways and its partners across the globe.

Q. Does Thai Airways offer Wi-Fi services on all its flights?
A.No, there is no Wi-Fi service over China and India. Thai SkyConnect provides Wi-Fi services on all other Airbus crafts in the fleet and you can pay the fees with a credit card or debit card.

Q. What would be the price of an economy class Thai Airways ticket from Mumbai to Paris?
A.Prices can vary depending on the season and other factors. The approximate cost of a non-refundable economy class round trip ticket from Mumbai to Paris will be around INR 60,000.

Q. Is web check-in an option that Thai Airways offers passengers? What are the benefits?
A.Yes, Thai Airways offers you the choice of web check-in from 24 hours before the flight up until 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. This enables the airlines to check-in around 99 people simultaneously. You can also find information about the Thai Airways flight status, baggage allowance as well as special meals during your journey.

Q. Name some of the key routes served by Thai Airways.
A.Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Hong Kong, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Seoul-Incheon, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Chiang Maai, and Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Phuket are a few of the key routes.

Q. What amenities are available when booking a flight with Thai Airways?
A.You can enjoy online booking, seat selection, web check-in, pre-ordering special meals, pre-book wheelchairs and unaccompanied minor service. You can avail of lounges and spas depending on the destination and also transport your pets with ease and check the Thai Airways flight status as and when required.

Q. Does Thai Airways have a frequent flyer program?
A.Yes, the Royal Orchid Plus is the airline’s frequent flyer programme which has over two million members.

Q. What are some reasons why I should fly with Thai Airways?
A.Besides being a founding member of the STAR alliance, Thai Airways has won global accolades right from the beginning. It is one among three airlines chosen for the World’s Best Airport Services 2017 and the Best Economy Class Airline Seats.

Q. How many destinations does Thai Airways fly to and how big is the fleet?
A.Thai Airways flies to 74 destinations across 31 countries and has a fleet with more than 90 aircraft.

Q. Where does Thai Airways have its hub and which are its subsidiaries?
A.Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport is the hub of Thai Airways. Thai Smile and Nok Air are its subsidiaries. Nok Air is a low cost airline.

Q. Does Thai Airways send out email and SMS about flight status?

Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
A.Passengers can access automatic response flight details, and other flight-related information 24/7, by dialing 1566 in Bangkok, or (02) 1566 within Thailand and listening to the instructions.

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